WWE Stars Reportedly Warned to Be Professional With Kelly Kelly During Her Stint

Kelly Kelly hasn’t been an active member of the WWE roster since 2012 but has returned to the company a number of times as a legend, and last year she returned to become the first-ever female 24/7 Champion.

When Kelly initially debuted for the company back in 2006, she was the youngest Diva in WWE at just 19-years-old.

During her time in WWE, she worked alongside Mike Knox, who recently revealed on an episode of Sportskeeda’s UnSKripted, that stars were told to remain professional around the former star.

“I’m not 100% on this, but I wanna say, she was John Laurinaitis’, maybe a neighbor, or good friend’s daughter, or friend of the family. Because I know whenever she came in, he was extra protective of her. He made a big deal about it, like, ‘Boys, this is an innocent young girl, no corrupting. Be professional, guys.’

Kelly debuted on the ECW brand in 2006 before moving to the main roster when the brand was made defunct a few years later. It was after her move to the main roster that Kelly went on to become Divas Champion.

Kelly was recruited by John Laurinaitis at a time when models made up the majority of the Women’s Division. Despite this, Kelly was able to become a popular member of the roster and enjoyed six years with WWE.