WWE Super Event Coming To Australia In 2018

Over at the Herald Sun, they have reported that the WWE has some pretty big plans for Australia towards the end of 2018.

Of course, the WWE has done a handful of events in Australia in the past. Global Warning Tour being the most famous, but that happened over 15 years ago. Well, apparently WWE is planning an event that will be so large in scale it will not only dwarf every show they have put on in Australia in the past, it could potentially break their own all time attendance record that was set at WrestleMania 32.

Melbourne Cricket Ground on October 7th is the date that is being thrown around and it is said that WWE feels that they can get over 100,000 fans in attendance for this event. It would take place in between the Hell In A Cell and TLC PPV events. There is also talk that this will be no “normal” show and that it will have all the glitz, glimmer and pageantry of an event like WrestleMania.