WWE Superstar Launches New Clothing Line

The first-ever and former WWE Universal Champion, Finn Balor recently launched his new clothing line PE&K.

The newly launched clothing line’s “Story” reads,

“Smile it’s PE&K!

Our goal at PE&K is to provide clothes that will make you smile, whilst having the least amount of impact on our lovely planet as possible.

All our shirts are made in USA , and printed in UK, 

We don’t use plastic, but if there is, biodegradable YAY! 

And the only paper we use will be the sticker for shipping & international custom sheets (We are trying to source recyclable paper)

No stickers 

No wasted cardboard 

Nothing that is going to hurt our planet

We like to say. We are friends of the environment”

With Balor’s clothing line only manufacturing t-shirts as of this writing, PE&K has already been greeted with a Tweet from rapper and renowned WWE fan, Wale.


PE&K and Finn took to Twitter (@smileitspeak) and Instagram (smileitspeak) to notify the audience about their presence.

PE&K Launch Tweet:

PE&K Launch Instagram Post:

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