WWE Superstar Rusev Files Police Report For Theft At Sheraton Hotel, Memphis

It was earlier reported that WWE power couple, Rusev and Lana were subject to an incident of theft during their stay at the Sheraton Hotel in Memphis. According to The Lion of Bulgaria, their hotel room was robbed during a cleaning. In the process, Lana lost her camera and Rusev had his money stolen from his wallet.

The Bulgarian Brute is now being reported to have filed a police report following the alleged theft of his $500 wallet and camera.

Rusev blasted the Sheraton Hotel on Twitter for “cleaning” their room and also ripped the hotel chain for being “literally the worst” and for their “bad customer things”.

The Memphis Police Department states that as per Rusev’s recollection, he and his wife Lana left the room at 12:30 PM on Monday and when upon returning to the room at 1:10 PM, he noticed that the money from his wallet and Lana’s camera were missing.

“The Head of Security Kennen Brooks spoke with the victim and advised,” reads the statement from police. “No other Suspect information is available at this time. This is an ongoing investigation.

Rusev also claims to have put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign on the door of his room.