WWE Superstar Set To Return From Injury Later This Month, Batista To Star In Gears Of War 5

Image via Twitter

WWE always has a small part of its roster on the shelf due to injuries, as the demanding nature of the sport results in injuries more often than not. One of the wrestlers currently out due to injury, Sin Cara, looks set to return to the ring soon.

Sin Cara tweeted saying “It’s Time”. Sin Cara looks set to return to the WWE ring during the Setempber 27 live event, which is scheduled to take place from El Paso, Texas. Sin Cara underwent knee surgery in August last year and made a brief appearance at SuperShowDown in Saudi Arabia.

Sin Cara joined WWE in 2011, and following his unmasking, appeared in a tag-team with Camacho for a short while, and was called Hunico. He once again took the role of Sin Cara in late 2013 and has since then appeared in the lower card of RAW and SmackDown Live.

Sin Cara is currently listed as a superstar under the SmackDown brand, and it remains to be seen when he makes his return on WWE programming.

Elsewhere, Batista announced that he will be appearing as a playable character in the popular game Gears of War 5. Batista tweeted about his addition to the game and said that it will be available on September 15, after WWE’s Clash of Champions PPV.

It was interesting to see Batista mention WWE in his tweet, and it is believed that WWE helped him land this role. Batista has clamored for a role in a Gears of War movie in the past as well.

Game Developer, The Coalition gave a statement to Bleacher Report and said that they are thrilled to have the Animal on board for the game.

“Dave has long been passionate about joining the Gears franchise, and we’re thrilled to be working in partnership with him to bring his signature WWE style to the game. The iconic attitude of WWE’s Batista will be incorporated into ‘Gears 5’ as a multiplayer skin, allowing both Gears and wrestling fans alike to jump into the action as Batista across all multiplayer modes including Horde, Versus and Escape.”

Batista retired from wrestling after his match with Triple H at WrestleMania this year.