WWE Survivor Series 2019: Brock Lesnar Defeats Rey Mysterio, NXT Stands Tall

Brock Lesnar put his WWE Championship on the line against Rey Mysterio given the recent issues between the two men on WWE TV and it was a match that many fans were not ready for. Shockingly, Mysterio who was dressed as The Joker got in a lot more offense than expected and at one point even looked like he could have won the match.

Lesnar took it to Mysterio to the point where Dominik came to the ring to throw in the towel for his father, but Brock refused to stop the match and attacked Rey’s son once again. This lead to both Rey and his son team up and deliver a double 619 and a Frog Splash, but this wasn’t enough to take Lesnar down. The Beast managed to fire back up and defeated Mysterio with a thunderous F5.

The main event match pitted Shayna Baszler up against Becky Lynch and Bayley as the three women battled it out to decide who was the most dominant brand. A win for Bayley would have given SmackDown the draw with NXT, while a win for Lynch would have allowed Raw to pull one back, but a win for Shayna confirmed that NXT had won the show, and it was The Submission Magician who came out on top.

Baszler was able to make Bayley tap to the Kirafuda Clutch before she then celebrated NXT’s shock victory on top of the commentary desk. Becky Lynch then attacked Baszler and made it clear that she didn’t make her tap.

This ending teased the fact that The Four Horsewomen of WWE could be about to take on the Four Horsewomen of MMA, but the lack of Ronda Rousey meant that WWE could be slowly building this feud until a return for The Baddest Woman on the Planet at the Royal Rumble.