WWE Survivor Series: 24/7 Championship Changes Hands on Kick-Off Show

R-Truth was part of the Survivor Series kick-off show so that he could pay tribute to a WWE star who was celebrating 30 years in WWE.

Of course, Truth believed that The Gobbledy Gooker was the man who was being honored at Survivor Series and went on to show a video of his debut the same night as The Undertaker back in 1990.

It was later explained that The Undertaker was the star who was being honored at Survivor Series and Truth understood but still continued with his planned guest.

The 24/7 Champion then welcomed a much younger looking version of the star but was double-crossed when Akira Tozawa came out and looked to win the Championship.

Instead of Tozawa pinning Truth, it was The Gobbledy Gooker that picked up the win and became 24/7 Champion for the first time. The star then went on to kick Tozawa and try to run away, but he lost his foot on the way to the locker room and had to limp instead.

Interestingly, it appeared as though the referee was a ninja since he had his face covered and was looking to help Tozawa pick up the win, even though he counted the three for the WWE veteran.