WWE Survivor Series: Lana is the Sole Survivor for Team Raw

Team SmackDown needed to win the Women’s Elimination match in order to remain in with a chance of winning bragging rights at Survivor Series.

Interestingly, SmackDown was defeated by Team Raw and there were a number of shocks throughout. Peyton Royce was able to pin former Women’s Champion Bayley to make her the first elimination of the match, before Royce was then eliminated, closely followed by Natalya and Ruby Riott.

Lacey Evans was eliminated by an angry Liv Morgan before Morgan was taken out by Nia Jax and the match came down to a 3-on-1 scenario with Bianca Belair representing SmackDown.

Lana was told earlier in the match to stand on the steps and not involve herself in the match, which she did.

Shayna Baszler was disqualified when she refused to break the Kirofuda Clutch while Belair was on the ropes, before Nia Jax and The EST of WWE were both counted out.

This meant that Lana was the sole survivor and the winner for Team Raw without having to play any part in the match. Lana did wrestle Natalya for a few minutes, but was told that she couldn’t be involved and had to stand on the steps.

The win means that Team Raw has picked up the victory at this year’s Survivor Series event.