WWE Taping Schedule For This Week Revised Due to COVID-19 Test Results

Due to an increase in the personnel who tested positive for COVID-19 recently, WWE has had to make some changes to their taping schedules.

POST Wrestling is reporting that because of these changes, the matches for the NXT pay-per-view The Great American Bash will be taped on Day 1 and the first set of matches will be aired that night.

The Great American Bash will be aired over two nights, July 1 and 2. The taping for all the matches to be shown over those two nights will take place on July 1.

Meanwhile, the next day, July 2 will see tapings at the WWE Performance Center for two episodes of SmackDown. This will be for the SmackDown episodes that will air on July 3 and July 10.

Aside from the two SmackDown episodes, July 2 will also be the date that the next episode of 205 will be taped.

On July 3, it’s the Raw, Main Event, and Raw Talk tapings that are scheduled to take place. Two episodes of Raw are going to be taped on that one day, these are the episodes that are supposed to air on July 6 and July 13.

If these taping schedules seem packed and maybe a bit too close to the actual dates on which the episodes are supposed to be aired, you are not wrong. However, the recent decision by WWE to test the roster and other personnel for COVID-19 has resulted in an alarming number of positive cases.

The number of positive COVID-19 tests resulted in WWE having to postpone some planned tapings.

There were plans to tape two episodes of Raw and two episodes of SmackDown over this weekend. However, only one episode of SmackDown was taped on Friday and one episode of Raw, the one that’s supposed to air this Monday, July 29 was taped on Saturday.