WWE Teasing A Number Of Dream Matches For SmackDown 1000

Image via Facebook.com

RAW celebrated its 25th year as the flagship show of WWE back in January and next month SmackDown Live will be hosting the celebrations when it airs its 1000th episode. October 23rd is the week before Evolution as well as the penultimate SmackDown event before Crown Jewel, which means that WWE needs to step up their game.

SmackDown 1000 is expected to play host to a number of fantasy matches and the company has already started to tease what these matches could be.

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WWE posted the following tease on their Facebook page where they stated that they would like the following matches to happen as part of the show and many members of the WWE Universe have agreed with this observation.

Samoa Joe Vs Batista

Kurt Angle vs Daniel Bryan

AJ Styles vs Rey Mysterio

Charlotte Flair vs Michelle McCool

The Bar vs The APA

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A number of names have already been hinted for SmackDown 1000 which include WWE Hall of Famer Edge and The Undertaker. One man that many of the WWE Universe doesn’t expect to be in attendance is Batista since The Animal recently took to Twitter to inform his fanbase that he wasn’t actually invited.

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Given the fact that the show is just days before Evolution, there are a number of current and former female wrestlers expected to be in attendance so there could be a handful of fantasy women’s matches as part of the show as well.

With the amount of WWE events and pay-per-views coming up over the next few months, the action is coming thick and fast and the WWE Universe could be set for one of the best ends to the year in the history of the company.