WWE Threatened to Fire Lita If She Refused to Be Part of Live Sex Celebration on Raw

Lita is now a WWE Hall of Famer and is a former four-time Women’s Champion, but there are certain moments from Lita’s WWE career that stand out above all others.

Lita recently spoke about her live sex celebration on Raw with WWE Champion Edge back in 2006 as part of a live Twitch stream and recalled that she was told that she would be fired if she didn’t go through with the segment.

The former Champion also revealed that both Edge and John Cena tried to convince Vince McMahon to not go ahead with the segment but the WWE Chairman pushed forward.

Lita went through with the segment but later made the decision to leave WWE since the WWE Hall of Famer retired from the company in late 2006.

This was just mere months after the live sex celebration aired and became one of the highest viewed segments in Raw history.

Lita followed her long-time friend Trish Stratus out of the exit door, but in complete contrast, she wasn’t given a hero’s send-off.

Instead, Lita lost her Women’s Championship to Mickie James and was then humiliated by Cryme Tyme. Lita has only returned to WWE a handful of times in the past 15 years.