WWE TLC: Daniel Bryan Returns With a Familiar Look

Bray Wyatt faced The Miz at TLC in a match that interestingly wasn’t for the Universal Championship. The Miz was able to get in more offense on Wyatt than any other opponent over the past few months, but he was still unable to pick up the landmark victory.

After Wyatt pinned Miz, things got interesting since The Fiend appeared on the screen and apparently told Wyatt to finish Miz in the same way that he finished Ramblin’ Rabbit. Fun House Bray found his hammer under the ring and looked to attack Miz but the lights went out in The Fiend’s style and Wyatt got excited when he expected The Fiend to appear.

Instead, it was The American Dragon Daniel Bryan who entered the ring under a hoody and hit the running knee to take Wyatt by surprise. Bryan then took down his hood to reveal the fact that he had shaved his head and reverted back to the character he once had in Ring of Honor.

This was the look that Bryan had when he first came to WWE and since he was about to turn face before The Fiend attacked, it made sense for him to become the star who once lit up WWE as a former WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Bryan was able to get the upperhand on Fun House Bray and looked to hit him with his own hammer, but the lights went out and The Fiend seemingly reclaimed Wyatt because he was no longer in the ring when the lights came back up.

It was a fantastic segment that showed The Fiend and Bray Wyatt as two separate entities and also allowed Bryan to return on his own terms to exact some revenge on the man who apparently stole his hair two weeks ago.