WWE TLC: Lana Breaks Kayfabe As She Goes After Both Charly Caruso and David Otunga In Shocking Outburst

Image via Twitter

Lana is understandably on edge ahead of the Tables Match between Bobby Lashley and her ex-husband Rusev which will take place later tonight. As part of the kick-off show for tonight’s pay-per-view, Lana and Bobby Lashley were interviewed by the kick-off panel and The Ravishing Russian went off on one.

David Otunga asked about her relationship and if she’s even bothered that she could be in some legal issues herself because she lied in order to obtain a restraining order. Lana then questioned Otunga’s current relationship and brought in the very real issues between Otunga and his ex-wife Jennifer Hudson.

Lana wasn’t finished there, Otunga was moved off the screen since he had no response and Charly Caruso then questioned what Lana would do if her boyfriend lost tonight, and the former Total Divas star then told Charly that she was a worse version of Renee Young and stated that she only had her job because Renee was promoted to WWE Backstage.

This shocking outburst didn’t end there since Lana went on to state that if Charley dared to walk into the locker room she would snatch her bald. Lashley stepped in front of the camera and tried to calm Lana down on a number of occasions when it became clear that she had crossed the line, but in the end, it was decided that the best thing to do was to cut Lana’s feed because she wouldn’t stop the rant.

Fans on Twitter are offended by the comments that Lana made about Charly and are now fully expecting Caruso to step up and challenge Lana to a match after she tried to belittle her by telling her that Renee Young is better than her at her job.

Lana may be under a lot of pressure right now, but there’s no reason for her to step up and bring some very real issues to the WWE Universe’s attention.