WWE TLC: Randy Orton Defeats The Fiend By Setting Him on Fire

This year’s TLC pay-per-view was main evented by The Fiend and Randy Orton as the two stars collided in the first-ever “Firefly Inferno” match.

The match was reportedly pre-recorded ahead of the show and took place in the middle of the ring, with fire surrounding the barricades.

Interestingly, it wasn’t a cinematic match and despite there being no count-outs or rules to the match, neither man decided to take the fight backstage either.

The match turned out to be just an inferno match that ended when Randy Orton was able to set The Fiend on fire by backing him into some of the fire on the barricade.

The Fiend then rolled back into the ring, before he was doused in more flammable liquid and Orton then lit a match and set the star on fire completely.

This win means that Orton is the second WWE star in more than a year to defeat The Fiend, since the match was only able to end when someone was set on fire.

It is unknown what the future now holds for The Fiend, since he was left burning as the show went off the air, which could mean that he could make his return as an even darker character.