WWE TLC: The Hurt Business Become the New Raw Tag Team Champions

The New Day and The Hurt Business have been at war for a number of weeks now with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods already picking up a number of victories over their challengers.

Despite their history, The Hurt Business were given another shot at the Championships this weekend at TLC, and finally, they were able to make it count on the main stage.

Kingston and Woods took the Championship over to Raw with them as part of the WWE Draft back in October and have dominated Monday Night Raw’s Tag Team Division ever since.

The Hurt Business have become both their main and their toughest challengers in recent weeks and it was widely believed that TLC would be their final shot at the Championships after weeks of opportunities.

At TLC, The New Day appeared as though they would retain their championship on a number of occasions, but in the end, it was a Lumbar Check from Cedric Alexander that finally secured the Championships for The Hurt Business.

This win now means that all three active members of The Hurt Business are now holding gold since Bobby Lashley, who later came out to celebrate with his teammates is already United States Champion.