WWE To Introduce Another Women’s Championship In 2019?

The Women’s Revolution has been at the forefront of WWE TV over the past few years and since Ronda Rousey made her debut as part of the company back in January, there has been a distinctive change in the way the women are perceived.

Whilst there has been speculation that WWE could be planning Women’s Tag Team Championships in the near future, the company is yet to talk about this publically and if these belts are unveiled then the soonest they can come into play is at Evolution on October 28th.

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The women were featured heavily on both SmackDown and RAW this week which shows that there is strength and depth in the Women’s Division right now, but the women still only have two titles to fight between them.

According to a recent episode of Barnburner’s Fired Up Podcast, WWE has plans to bring in another Women’s Championship in early 2019, which could be why so many women have been the focus of RAW and SmackDown in recent weeks.

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The men have a number of Championships to fight for on RAW and SmackDown but the women only have three titles across all three brands and even though mixed tag team matches have become a running theme because of the Mixed Match Challenge, it seems unlikely that intergender matches will ever become a fixture in the company.

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WWE is pushing the women forward right now to the point where more title opportunities are the only real thing that could be added to their weekly shows. Hopefully, this isn’t just another rumor and the women of WWE are given more titles in the coming months so that the Women’s Division can become competitive once again.