WWE to Revisit Controversial Storyline Between Lana and Liv Morgan at Some Point

Last year, WWE did one of the most controversial angles of the year between Lana and Bobby Lashley. The Ravishing Russian ditched her real-life husband, Rusev, and divorced him. She then married Lashley, her new love, as part of the storyline.

After some point, the storyline took a new turn when Liv Morgan revealed that she and Lana used to be in a relationship. This angle continued for a few more weeks before WWE dropped it abruptly.

Speaking to Sportskeeda, Lana revealed that WWE told her they would revive the angle at some point.

“I can see the story picking up any time, any day. You know? Like I think it’s a very, very compelling story and I would love to revisit it. So, that’s what I was told. That we’re going to revisit it at some point. So I’m looking forward to revisiting it at some point.”

Lana is best friends with Morgan in real-life and during the interview, she praised the current Riott Squad member.

“I love Liv Morgan so much,” she said. “I was excited to do what we did, because Liv Morgan is one of my best friends, and I have been close with her over the years. And really our bond for wrestling… We love WWE. We love wrestling so much. And, so you know, we have an incredible bond.”