WWE to Take Over Wrestlers’ Twitch Accounts in Four Weeks

WWE sent out an e-mail to their talents this week to remind them that the deadline for severing their business partnerships with third party social media accounts is coming up.

Back in September, Wrestling Inc. broke the news that WWE had banned talents from engaging with third parties such as Twitch and YouTube on their own.

This was later clarified to saying they could use Twitch and YouTube if the accounts were in their real names, but they would need to inform the company of the existence of these accounts.

According to Wrestling Inc., WWE is now reminding the talents that the company wants them to sever their business relationships with third-party platforms by October 2. Failure to do so could result in the talents being “fined, suspended, or terminated.”

They are also reporting that talents were told this week that WWE will be taking control of their existing Twitch accounts in four weeks.

WWE will be the owners of those accounts, but the talents will be receiving a percentage of the revenue which will count against their downside guarantees.

Former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang has been vocally critical of how WWE treats their talents since the news of the third-party ban broke. He commented on his social media about WWE moving to own wrestlers’ Twitch accounts.

According to him, he would be “infuriated” if he had spent his time building up a social media channel to have WWE take it over.