WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne Injured, Pulled From Canadian Show

Pete Dunne
Image via ProWrestlingSheet

WWE United Kingdom Champion Pete Dunne has held that Championship for more than 500 days now but if reports are to be believed, he won’t be defending it any time in the near future.

Destiny Wrestling recently revealed on their Social Media page that the British star had been sidelined with an injury and wouldn’t be able to attend this weekend’s “Raising Hell” event in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

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Dunne’s last televised match was against Ricochet a few weeks ago on NXT, where he was able to retain his United Kingdom Championship, whilst his last known match was last weekend at Wembley Stadium in England when he faced Ilja Dragunov for PROGRESS wrestling.

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It is unknown as to whether or not Dunne suffered the injury as part of this match, but fans in attendance stated that there was no clear tell following their bout that The Bruiserweight had picked up an injury.

When asked by a fan for details about Dunne’s injury, the promotion stated that legally they weren’t allowed to divulge but that WWE would release a statement regarding the matter in the coming days.

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Dunne is set to face Adam Cole and Ricochet in a triple threat match for the North American Championship on NXT in the coming weeks, but luckily this match has already been taped, which means that any storylines that he has on WWE TV won’t be affected if this isn’t a lengthy hiatus.

Dunne has been a catalyst for the boost of British wrestling over the past few years and since the NXT UK show is finally set to launch, WWE will want him firing on all cylinders as soon as possible.