WWE Universe Unhappy With Stephanie McMahon’s Claim: “We Listened To Our Audience”

stephanie mcmahon
Image via biggoldbeltgroup.com

Monday Night RAW Commissioner and WWE CBO Stephanie McMahon was present at the 2018 SBJ Game Changers Conference in New York City on Wednesday where she joined representatives of Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL Players Association, NASCAR and other major sports brands.

Although the conference proved to be a platform for great publicity, Stephanie faced heat from the WWE Universe for something she said on-stage during the conference.

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While addressing the Women’s Revolution in WWE, McMahon said:

“It’s about doing, not just talking. You have to listen to your audience. Their voice matters.” .

“We’re successful for one reason only: We listened to our audience.”

Fans and public figures immediately took to Twitter to note the false statement the RAW Commissioner had given.

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It’s no secret that for over a decade, WWE hasn’t been giving fans what they want, let alone listen to them.

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Former WWE Superstar and longest reigning WWE Champion of The Modern Era CM Punk had raised the issue back in 2011 and fought the system at every step to ensure Vince McMahon brought change and actually listened to the WWE Universe.

Professional wrestling fans have been rapidly losing interest in WWE and have flocked to other rival promotions namely IMPACT, ROH and NJPW where they are treated as a family. The rival promotions have been able to catch up with WWE in recent years for their ability to give fans what they want.

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Even ex-WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes had personally listened to fans for their ALL IN event that took place on September 1. Rhodes and The Young Bucks did their very best to ensure that their indie show was extremely fan-friendly.

WWE has lost viewers in the recent years more than it did over the past decade. There are far less viewers in the present day as compared to the 1990’s but nevertheless, the promotion is more profitable than it’s ever been. The major part of the credit goes to WWE’s billion-dollar television deals and the WWE Network.

That doesn’t change the fact that WWE doesn’t listen to its fans (mostly).

Ask for Cena and you get Reigns. Ask for Becky and you get Charlotte.