WWE Unveils New NXT Post-Show On Youtube

NXT has become a phenomenon of its own over the past six years, and even though NXT has already started taking over pay-per-view weekends and their superstars have been included in The Royal Rumble over the past few years, WWE has to find new and interesting ways to give fans their fix of developmental action

Their most recent idea seems to be for a new post-NXT show that sees host Sarah Schrieber look at all of the events on NXT that week and attempts to throw forward to what could happen in the future.

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The one issue with this is the fact that NXT is recorded in four show blocks, which means that fans can just check the spoilers if they want to find out about any upcoming matches.

The show itself is a fantastic idea, which will allow fans to continue to get their fix if an hour of the show each week isn’t enough, but this could be another reason why WWE needs to find a way to allow NXT to be live like all other shows.

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The show debuted this week and featured a number of interesting segments and some footage that hasn’t yet been seen from The Forgotten Sons. Depending on the success of the first episode, WWE could be set to make this a weekly thing as it allows new NXT host Sarah Schrieber to pick up some hosting experience and also boosts WWE’s Youtube profile.

Any fans of NXT can now catch all of the backstage gossip, updates, and news from NXT on a weekly basis on WWE’s Youtube page without purchasing the WWE Network.

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The entire show is just over seven minutes long and it can be viewed below.