WWE Unveils New Rules For Tag Teams, AEW Offers “Huge” Contract To WWE Superstar

Image via WWE

WWE’s Tag Team Division Has Been Given A Shake Up

As seen on Monday Night Raw, WWE has put some focus into their tag team division where it appears that some rules have been changed. The main event match saw Kurt Angle team up with Braun Strowman to take on Baron Corbin and Drew McIntyre and the former were disqualified after Strowman who wasn’t the legal man decided to hit Corbin.

This rule wasn’t put in practise before, but it’s thought that after The Revival asked for their release a few weeks ago, WWE has decided to step up their game in the Tag Team Division and is now looking to compete with AEW, rather than lose all of their teams to the up and coming company.

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Corey Graves also noted on RAW that moving forward, teams will only be allowed to make a save once in the match if they are not tagged in and they then have to leave the ring straight after. If this rule isn’t followed then the team will be disqualified moving forward.

This will add a lot of confusion to the tag team division moving forward but will help WWE to maintain control over the tag team division in the coming weeks.

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AEW Fires The First Shots

It was known that at some point All Elite Wrestling was going to step up their game when it came to pursuing WWE superstars. There has been talk of many stars switching over to the company over the past few weeks, but according to WrestleVotes, AEW has approached a current WWE superstar with a deal that they can’t refuse.

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Right now no names have been revealed, but it’s thought that it could be one of the company’s top stars that could be anyone from AJ Styles to Brock Lesnar.