WWE Was Worried The Rock Would Extend His Segment Last Year at SmackDown’s Debut on FOX

Eric Bischoff was the Executive Director of Smackdown on FOX for a few months in 2019, and the former WCW head-honcho has something interesting tidbits from his time on the blue brand.

On his podcast 83 Weeks, Bischoff talked about the much-hyped debut of Smackdown on FOX in October last year, and revealed that the show went ‘as flawlessly as it could go’.

He also added that Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson was allowed just twelve minutes for his segment with Becky Lynch and King Corbin, but backstage officials in the guerrilla feared that he would extend his segment.

“The mood and the feeling was very high. It was very positive. The show went about as flawlessly as it could go. There was a lot of nervousness about Rock. Now I’ve never produced Rock or worked directly with him as a producer. I’ve only worked with him briefly for a blink of an eye as an on-camera talent, but everybody was concerned that Rock was going to take his 12-minute promo and turn it into a 30-minute promo which as we discussed on this show before just collapse all kinds of other plans and other promos and length of match, it could be a real disaster when that happens.”

The Rock’s first appearance on WWE television in over three years had a major impact on the ratings, as WWE managed to rake in more than 4 million viewers for the debut episode of Smackdown on FOX.