WWE Women Slam Online Article Disparaging “Divas”

wwe women
Image via sportskeeda.com

The current crop of WWE Women Superstars have some strong words for an opinion post that went up yesterday criticizing the inclusion of women from the Diva era in the Evolution pay-per-view.

The article stated that the Bella Twins should not have the active presence they do. It also claimed that Alexa Bliss will be “wasted” in a match versus Trish Stratus and that a match between former multiple-time champions Lita and Mickie James should be placed in the bottom of the card.

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The author argues that the inclusion of women in the past is damaging to Evolution as they are not as good as the women of the present.

To say the article, which was posted on NoDQ.com, is controversial is an understatement. Many feel the author is completely off the mark, including several current WWE Women Superstars.

Current Smackdown General Manager Paige called the article “crappy”.

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She also called out the author for disparaging the Bella twins.

Another current WWE Women Superstar, Carmella, called the article “embarrassing”

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As for the Bella Twin’s themselves, they had this to say:

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Earlier this week, Brie Bella’s husband Daniel Bryan was also asked about the way The Bella Twins are perceived.

During Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast, Bryan stated that his wife and her sister don’t get the respect they deserve.

“I know that a lot of hardcore wrestling fans look at them and their era as a negative on women’s wrestling,” said Bryan.

“I think people were frustrated with this idea that the women weren’t being given more opportunities. They worked very hard for that kind of thing and there were part of this transition into divas to women’s wrestling.”