WWE’s Plans To Reunite Two Tag Teams On Monday Night RAW

rollins ambrose
Image via WWE.com

On Tuesday, Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Live was questioned why CEO of WWE Vince McMahon ended up boat-loading Smackdown Live with tag teams but why the same wasn’t done  for Monday Night RAW.

Alvarez opined that McMahon might had given a deep 2-minute thought during this year’s Superstar Shake-Up. Alvarez then revealed WWE’s current plans of reuniting two tag teams on RAW.

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“Plans change all the time, everybody,” Alvarez said. “The last I heard was it’s probably going to be Jordan and Gable again and Rollins and Ambrose as the teams [added to Raw], and not Rollins and Jason Jordan. But who knows what they’ll do?” That last line was a reference to how McMahon changes his mind all the time.

Jason Jordan has been off TV due to a neck injury back in January but is expected to return soon. On the other hand, Dean Ambrose is scheduled to be back in late August or early September, thus missing SummerSlam.

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The Shield reunion was short-lived which makes it interesting to see what the Creative has in store for the Reigns-Rollins-Ambrose faction i.e. whether they are scripted to be a long-term trio or if they will fall apart soon.

Jason Jordan and Chad Gable had a great run in NXT as the American Alpha tag team. Upon being drafted to SmackDown Live, the American Alpha had a very short run owing to WWE’s decision of abolishing the tag team.

WWE might resurrect these two Superstars’ careers by reuniting them and making them a top act in the tag team division.

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At this point, Gable is not being featured on RAW every week, so this might serve him as a glimpse of hope.