X-Pac Reveals He is Now Cured of Hepatitis C and Wants to Wrestle Again

Sean Waltman recently revealed that he is now cured of Hepatitis C. In 2010, it was publicly revealed that he carried this disease and it kept him from taking bookings for a long time.

On X-Pac 12360 podcast, Sean revealed that he was cured of Hepatitis C in 2020 but didn’t reveal it publicly until now. However, it cost him over $100,000 in cash.

“I had Hepatitis C for a long time and that kept me — I tested positive when I came back to TNA and was doing that stuff with Kevin [Nash] and Scott [Hall] and Hogan came in with Eric [Bischoff], all that. So after that, I couldn’t get cleared in certain states with athletic commissions and so TNA and WWE couldn’t really have me in matches, so I would just do little matches like that and nothing serious, no blood or whatever but, so I’m cured everyone. Just this year, just this year I got cured. I never have [mentioned it]. I hadn’t mentioned it publicly but yeah, it costs $100,000 for the treatment, and it’s $1,000 a pill. One pill everyday.”

Waltman also said that he now has to take care of his knees. He tore his ACL in 2008. When asked if he wants to return full-time, Sean simply said “no” and revealed that he only has a few matches left in him.

“I feel great. Nothing [as far as pain]. I didn’t even know, don’t feel anything. Some people were going, ‘How come you never came back?’ So that’s the reason but now that’s clear and so now I’m gonna get my knee fixed. I’ve had a torn ACL since before the turn of this decade. I was in Mexico, still living in Mexico. I tore my ACL. It was like 2008, something like that, and so I’m gonna get that fixed and so sometime next year, I’ll put myself on the market, have a few more matches.”

“People talk about, ‘Hey, you got another run left in you?’ Everyone thinks they have one more run left in them. I don’t care if a dude’s in a wheelchair, he swears to God he has another run left in him. But, any run that I would have would have to be a sprint because I just—No [Waltman responded when asked if he could do a regular wrestling schedule]. I don’t know if I want to. I probably got half-a-dozen good, hard matches in me.”