Xavier Woods Responds To Accusations Regarding New Day’s Pancake Controversy

In an interview with Newsday promoting WWE’s recently released book, “The Book of Booty: Shake It. Love It. Never Be It.: From WWE’s The New Day”, Xavier Woods responded to the accusations that The New Day’s habit of handing out pancakes to fans at ringside perpetuates a racial stereotype from the early 20th century.

Woods claimed that The New Day’s eternal love for pancakes has everything to do with a Lumberjack match that they had participated in last year and nothing to do with century-old literature.

“I said, ‘Well, if I’m a lumberjack, what do they eat? They eat flapjacks.’ It was hilarious. So, we said the next week, ‘Are we going to do pancakes? Yeah, sure. Why not?’ And that’s where the pancakes came from,” Woods said.

“If there’s ever any source of contention or anything like that, I think that it’s a situation where you should take a look at yourself and think about how deep you are looking into something that’s not really there.”

Xavier further added that his teammates, Big E and Kofi Kingston are “very aware of how we present ourselves,” but also don’t want their wacky antics dissected under a racial lens “simply because we are African-American males.”

“All we want is a blank slate,” Woods said. “And if people continue to refuse to give us one, then they’re doing nothing more than continuing to hold up the social constructs that we’re trying to break down.”