Young Bucks Talk Pandemic and Dynamite, Stadium Stampede Spot That Almost Didn’t Happen

AEW Tag Team The Young Bucks gave an interview to Screen Crush where they discussed having AEW Dynamite’s first year in the midst of a pandemic.

Matt and Nick Jackson are also executive vice presidents of AEW and according to them, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unforeseen changes.

Nick confirmed that “for the foreseeable future”, AEW’s shows will continue to take place at Daily’s Place.

“Tony’s taking this pandemic very serious,” said Nick referring to AEW President and Chief Executive Officer Tony Khan. “He’s very cautious with putting wrestlers at risk, and we all agree with that.”

Nick also noted that the second weekly AEW show that was announced earlier this year was indeed impacted by the pandemic. While plans are in place, the timetable is unsure and the show has been pushed back indefinitely.

He also noted that the pandemic has affected storylines for Dynamite. While they are still doing the “big storylines” they had planned, week-to-week matches have had to change due to circumstances.

“We take this really serious,” emphasized Nick. “If, for instance, someone has been exposed or was near someone that had COVID, Dr. Sampson’s not even going to allow that person to get on an airplane.”

One obvious example of that sort of booking “on the fly” would be the recent postponement of Lance Archer vs. Jon Moxley after Archer was exposed.

Another example would be the “Stadium Stampede” match between the Young Bucks’ faction The Elite and the faction led by Chris Jericho, the Inner Circle.

During the interview, Matt revealed that one of the high spots of the Stadium Stampede match, his moonsault off the field goal posts, almost didn’t happen. Apparently, the NFL has a rule against touching the field goal posts as they are not that stable.

“It’s really unbalanced,” said Matt about the structure. “I’ll tell you this, when I was up there, I was terrified.”

“It seems stable, but it felt like it could possibly collapse at any moment,” he added.

According to Matt, Khan cleared it with the NFL and he braved it out and performed the epic spot.