Zelina Vega Released By WWE

WWE has officially released SmackDown Superstar, Zelina Vega.

The company issued a brief statement about Vega’s release, merely saying that they had “come to terms” with her and wished her the best in her future endeavors.

Vega originally signed with WWE back in 2017, debuting on WWE NXT as a business advisor for Andrade. The duo was successful on NXT, with Andrade winning the NXT Championship before they were drafted to Smackdown in April 2018.

Vega, who worked as a women’s wrestler in TNA and the indies, was just beginning to establish herself as a WWE singles competitor this year.

She challenged the current Raw Women’s Champion Asuka twice before being drafted to SmackDown on the recent WWE Draft.

Vega is also married to the current SmackDown superstar Aleister Black.

Upon her release being announced, people were quick to speculate that she had become a “victim” of WWE’s new third-party edict banning talent from Twitch. Vega and Black had previously been quite active on the platform.

Vega has expressed unhappiness over WWE seeking to control talent’s social media and alluded to being supportive of “unionization” efforts.

According to PW Insider, multiple sources have confirmed that Vega’s release indeed came as a consequence of the third party edict.

Vega was only informed of her release before the tapings of this week’s SmackDown. And just before the announcement, Vega had again Tweeted that she supported unionization.

Several WWE talents have told PWInsider that they see Vega’s release as a “message” to people to make sure they follow the third-party edict.

Vega’s initial comment after the news of her release broke was an Instagram post where she said, “See you on Twitch.”

She also Tweeted out her thanks for the fans’ support for her 3-4 years in the company. She referenced her father, who she has said previously encouraged her love of professional wrestling. Her father was killed during the September 11 attacks.

While Vega is subject to the usual 90-day non-compete clause that released WWE talents are under, it should not affect her ability to make social media appearances.