Zelina Vega Reportedly Suffers A Concussion

Zelina Vega
Image via heightline.com

Zelina Vega was last seen back at Evolution when she was thrown out of the ring by Nia Jax and went face first onto the floor since Tamina Snuka failed to catch her. Vega has been missing from all WWE house shows over the past week ever since she took the bump, which has many fans speculating that she was injured as part of the spot.

There were earlier reports about Vega struggling with weakness in her arm after the spot, but the star herself seemingly rubbished these rumors on Instagram, but now reports suggest that she wasn’t part of last night’s SmackDown Live because she suffered a concussion.

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Mike Johnson from PWinsider recently commented on PWInsider Elite on the fact that the former TNA star was missing from the European Tour before she missed this week’s SmackDown Live.

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“Zelina Vega was not at any of the house shows for SmackDown this far, we are told that when she was tossed out of the ring at Evolution there was a belief that she may have suffered a concussion. I don’t know if she actually did or not. But there was fear that she may have and they are keeping her off the road just as a precautionary measure but she’ll probably be back on the road in the next week or so,” he said via Ringsidenews.

This could just be a precaution from WWE since there is a lot of traveling involved for WWE stars over the next week before they land back in America ahead of Survivor Series, which means that it’s likely that Vega will be back by Almas’ side next week on SmackDown Live.