Zelina Vega Reveals Where She Got the Inspiration for Her Name and Look in WWE

Zelina Vega has become one of the most unique female talents in WWE over the past few years and ahead of her first Women’s Championship match, she spoke to TV Insider.

Vega was able to talk about Rey Mysterio being her main inspiration in WWE as well as the inspiration behind her name and look on the company’s main roster.

“Vega, I got that last name from Street Fighter because I love him. I got to bring that into my last name. I dressed like him for the Royal Rumble. Then when I wanted to do something more intricate, I did Sombra from Overwatch for SummerSlam.”

“Depending on what I’m going for in the moment and what the story calls for, it decides who I might be bringing into my character that day. Who I’m trying to shed some light on.”

“I always try to be different because I look at the other girls, and nothing I wear looks like anything they wear. I take pride in that because there is something to, “Oh, Zelina looks like this.” Like if Zelina was a doll, what would she look like? Everybody would know exactly what she would look like, and that is important to me.”

Zelina will take on Asuka on Sunday night as part of the Kick off Show for Clash of Champions where the former IMPACT Wrestling star will challenge for her first Raw Women’s Championship.