Zelina Vega Says She is One of the Reasons Vince McMahon Watches Monday Night Raw

This past week on Raw, Zelina Vega finally walked away from Andrade and Angel Garza, after months of trying to paper over the cracks with a team that was destined to fall apart.

Later, on the same episode, Vega stepped up to Asuka after the Raw Women’s Champion had defeated Mickie James and seemingly put herself in prime position for a Championship match at Clash of Champions.

Vega was recently a guest on Table Talk with D-Von Dudley, where she revealed that Vince McMahon had told her that she was one of his favorites and that she reminded him of Stephanie.

“If the quarantine didn’t happen, not that I wouldn’t have had these opportunities, but it may have taken a little longer. Also, Becky is having her baby. There are people that are not here and that leaves spots for people to fill. I was always like, give me the ball, and if I drop it, screw me, but you lose nothing. I was always ready for that.”

“I think it started with Drew when we had that back and forth. He was my other promo half. It was perfect. When it happened with him, it was magic.”

“It’s interesting because before quarantine happened, Vince would always say ‘you are one of my favorites. You are one of the reasons I watch Raw and I love your character.’ It was such an honor to hear that. He said ‘you remind me of Stephanie because she is always working out there and you are a machine.’”