Zelina Vega Says There is a Lot More She Can Do if Given The Opportunity

Zelina Vega is currently the manager for Andrade and Angel Garza on Monday Night Raw, but the former NXT star is also a wrestler in her own right.

In the past, Vega has been part of the Women’s Royal Rumble and a number of feuds regarding her clients, but she hasn’t been given much of a shot at a career of her own.

It seems that WWE prefers Vega as a manager over a wrestler, but whilst speaking to Busted Open Radio, Vega revealed that she believes she could be doing much more in WWE.

“I do I feel that this is just scratching the surface [with my stable]. When it came to me and Andrade in NXT? We were just, you know, it was like thunder happened and it was great together in NXT; but I think that shows where we can go and that we can even surpass that.”

“I feel that there’s so much more that can be done and we’re just finally getting the chance to show that. So do I feel like as a group we can be doing more? Absolutely. Do I feel by myself I can be doing more? Yeah, absolutely, you know, but it comes down to getting that opportunity to do that.”