Zelina Vega Talks About WWE Release on Twitch, Gets Support From Labor Union, Andrew Yang

As reported yesterday, Zelina Vega was released from WWE.

Many people believe that it has something to do with how active she is on Twitch and how vocal she has been with her displeasure with WWE’s attempt to take over their talents’ Twitch accounts.

Soon after her release was official, Vega told her followers she would “see them on Twitch” and last night indeed released an emotional video on her Twitch channel.

Vega thanked her followers for the support, including the increase in subscriptions to her channel since the news broke that she was released.

She also thanked the superstars and backstage WWE personnel like the coaches and producers who helped her during her time in the company.

Notably, she thanked Tommy Dreamer, The Rock, Triple H, and Stephanie McMahon who believed in her from the start. She also thanked her long time on-screen associate and real life friend Andrade and her NXT coaches Norman Smiley and Terry Taylor.

“I’m not mad at anyone,” she said. “I’m only thankful. If not for NXT, I would have never met my husband and some incredible people along the way.”

“Right now, I’m sad and heartbroken, and don’t know what the future holds. But I know I will be here with you guys, and I’m truly grateful for that too,” said Vega.

Vega’s release and the possible reasons behind it have also gained her some attention and potential support from some influential people.

The president of the labor union, the Screen Actors Guild – American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA), Gabrielle Carteris has reached out to Vega thanking her for “standing strong for labor solidarity” and asking Vega to email her.

The organization also retweeted Vega’s earlier Tweet about supporting unionization.

SAG-AFTRA represents over 160,000 people in the entertainment industry and is Hollywood’s biggest labor union. Several people had previously voiced the opinion that professional wrestlers should be part of SAG, including former Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

Yang has been increasingly vocal about the fact that he thinks the way WWE treats its “independent contractors” is wrong. He is especially critical of the recent WWE third party edict.

Yang is aware of Vega’s firing, responding to the news on Twitter by saying that he hasn’t forgotten about Vince McMahon.

Yang could have considerable influence with the government of President-Elect Joe Biden and it is thought that he might indeed help bring more attention, and hopefully change, to the employment practices of WWE.