AEW All Out 2020 Results, Grades and Highlights

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AEW presented their third pay-per-view of the year, AEW All Out, from the Daily’s Place in Jacksonville which served as the sequel to the highly acclaimed All Out pay-per-view from 2019. With plenty of gimmick matches lined up for the PPV, there was guaranteed chaos set to take place, and it’s exactly what went down on Saturday night.

It is safe to say that All Out was the least impressive showing of all the PPVs the company has rolled out in its eighteen-month history, but it was salvaged by a strong showing in the championship encounters.

A lot of new names found a place on the card, looking to take down the established main-eventers. AEW often has major debuts or returns planned for their PPVs, but there was just one major debut on All Out.

We run down the show and give our thoughts and analysis on how the show went down.

Buy-In: Joey Janela vs. Serpentico

The last-minute addition to the pre-show saw Bad Boy take on the masked superstar. Janela attacked Serpentico before the match could even begin and took control in the early moments of the match.

Janela’s partner Sonny Kiss neutralized Luther’s attempts to help out Serpentico, and Janela hit a flying elbow for the win.

Winner: Joey Janela

Grade: C

Analysis: There was no story in this match and was thrown together at the last minute to build some momentum for Janela after his loss against Jericho last week on Dynamite.

Buy-In: Private Party vs. The Dark Order (Alex Reynolds and John Silver)

The second match of the pre-show was a standard tag-team match between the rising Dark Order and Private Party. The heels isolated Isiah Kassidy after a powerbomb until Marq Quen took the hot-tag and ran wild.

A Silly String attempt was cut off by the heels, who hit a Stunner-German Suplex combo on Quen for a near-fall. The faces eventually hit the Gin and Juice for the win.

Winners: Private Party

Grade: C

Analysis: Another match with no stakes involved saw some good action from the forgotten members of the extensive AEW Tag Team Division. The Dark Order has looked ruthless outside the ring, but the team, apart from Brodie Lee and Anna Jay, continues to take losses on AEW programming.

Tooth and Nail Match: Britt Baker vs. Big Swole

The main show kicked off with the match which has been building for several months now. The action took place from Baker’s clinic, with Baker using her diploma to attack Swole. Rebel and Baker attacked Swole before Rebel was thrown into a dumpster.

Baker tried to use novocaine, but Swole countered and injected it into Baker’s limb, putting her to sleep. Swole proceeded to hit the Dirty Dancing followed by putting Baker to sleep with a bout of anesthesia to win the match.

Winner: Big Swole

Grade: D

Analysis: AEW’s tag-line of ‘real sports feel’ was majorly missing in this match, which made zero sense altogether. Baker and Rebel’s partnership has often been used as a comedic relief on AEW Dynamite, but Baker is much more than that. A goofy match to kick off a major PPV was a disastrous decision.

Jurassic Express vs. The Young Bucks

The Young Bucks demonstrated their new aggressive style, but the grand frame of Luchasaurs helped Jungle Express to take control. The brothers isolated Jungle Boy and hit a series of northern light suplexes, and delivered a kick to Luchasaurus to get him off the apron.

A hot tag to Luchasaurus, who delivered a series of kicks and a moonsault, brought the momentum for the Jungle Express but the Young Bucks eventually hit superkicks followed by BTE trigger on Jungle Boy for the win.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Grade: B+

Analysis: AEW’s tag-team division continued to excel with the two teams managing to produce an entertaining bout despite this being their nth match together. It majorly served the purpose of establishing Young Bucks as heelish characters, which worked due to the babyface aura of the Jungle Express.

Casino Battle Royale

The Battle Royale saw several feuds such as Best Friends-Santana/Ortiz, Taz’s goons/Darby Allin, etc., progress along with other stars. Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) made his debut as the Joker but massively botched the Shooting Star Press attempt. Brian Cage brought in a bag of thumbtacks and powerbombed Darby Allin onto it.

Lance Archer eliminated Brian Cage and Big Will Hobbs after a battle of big men, while Sydal took out Shawn Spears and the Butcher. Sydal was thrown out by Eddie Kingston, and Archer threw Kingston from the top rope. Butcher and Blade tried to catch their leader but were unsuccessful as Archer reigned supreme. Archer has now earned the opportunity to challenge for the AEW World Championship.

Winner: Lance Archer

Grade: B

Analysis: Battle Royales are often a major mess and this match was no different. The botch from the debutant Sydal will definitely become viral all over the Internet, and won’t be a great introduction if AEW plans to sign him permanently. Archer winning was the perfect move, and it will be interesting to see the Murderhawk along with Jake Roberts in the main-event scene of the company.

Broken Rules Match: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Guevara tried to run down Hardy with a golf-cart in the beginning of the match. A big spot from the top of a lift ended with the two stars crashing onto a table, but Hardy’s head hit hard on the concrete floor below and legitimately injured him.

The referee stopped the match for a few moments and restarted. Hardy wrapped it up quicky by throwing Guevara on to a small platform off the top of a steel structure to win the match via 10-count.

Winner: Matt Hardy

Grade: D

Analysis: The match was over even before it could get started due to Hardy’s legitimate injury, and the decision to restart the match is a horrendous mistake from the company. Hardy looked like he suffered a serious head injury as he was unable to come to his feet, but ended up picking the win somehow.

AEW Women’s Championship: Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

Rosa worked as a heel and gained control in the early part of the match, hitting a knee strike from the top of a steel chair followed by torturing Shida with the ring post. Shida tried to use Stretch Muffler to come back but Rosa countered. Shida kept up the attack and hit a brainbuster for near-fall.

After some action outside the ring, Shida hit the Falcon Arrow for another near-fall. Shida hit the Running Knee eventually to retain the title.

Winner and Still the AEW Women’s Champion: Hikaru Shida

Grade: B+

Analysis: Rosa served as a great opponent for Shida, who has lacked proper challengers in her title reign so far. Both the stars landed some great hard-hitting offense, which was expected due to their past in Japanese wrestling.

With Britt Baker back in action, Shida could finally get a proper feud with a top star of the AEW Women’s Division.

The Dark Order (Mr.Brodie Lee, Colt Cabana, Evil Uno, Stu Grayson) vs. Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky, and The Natural Nightmares

QT Marshall ate a lot of offense from the heels early in the match but set up PPV debutant Matt Cardona for the hot tag, who brought in his familiar offense from his WWE days. Anna Jay tried to interfere but was hit by a kick from Brandi Rhodes.

Dustin Rhodes was hit by a huge lariat from the Exalted One, who tagged in Colt Cabana to finish off Rhodes. Cabana missed his moonsault and Rhodes rolled him up for the three-count.

Winners: Matt Cardona, Scorpio Sky and The Natural Nightmares

Grade: B-

Analysis: Eight-man tag matches are often filled with messy action and several hot-tags to the babyfaces. This was a very standard match that set up a possible Dustin Rhodes-Brodie Lee match in the future for the TNT title and planted the seeds of Colt Cabana’s departure from the faction.

AEW Tag Team Championship: Kenny Omega and Hangman Page (c) vs. FTR

Omega and Page somehow got together as Page asked him to let him start the proceedings. The champions enjoyed some momentum early on but the challengers got back into the match pretty soon. Page was isolated by the heels, but Omega made a hot tag and ran wild.

Omega hit Page with a kick inadvertently while trying to hit Harwood, and later accidentally hit Page with a V-Trigger. FTR took advantage of the miscommunications and hit the Mindbreaker twice on Page to win the championships.

Post-match, Omega yelled ‘I am done!’ to the Young Bucks backstage after leaving Page alone inside the ring.

Winners and New AEW Tag Team Champions: FTR

Grade: B+

Analysis: The transformation of Omega back to the Cleaner was complete as he seemingly turned heel along with the Young Bucks, leaving Page to fend for himself. Omega’s character as the Cleaner won him universal praise back in NJPW and will be a major hit in AEW as well.

As for FTR, they deservedly won the titles with some A+ tag team chemistry throughout the match.

Mimosa Mayhem Match: Chris Jericho vs. Orange Cassidy

Jericho hit the Codebreaker right off the bat for a near fall and later dropped him with a big powerbomb onto a table. Cassidy prevented Jericho’s baseball bat attack with a superkick of his own. Both men tried to push each other into the vat of mimosa several times before a Michinoku Driver from Cassidy secured him a near-fall.

Cassidy survived the Walls of Jericho and hit a series of Orange Punches to throw Jericho into the pool of mimosa for the win.

Winner: Orange Cassidy

Grade: C

Analysis: Both the stars have worked better matches in the past with each other, and the stipulation restricted the match from truly becoming a highlight of the show. The stipulation was quite unique and intriguing but ended up being the reason for the downfall of this match. Cassidy winning is the perfect move and it opens more opportunities for him in the upper mid-card of the roster.

AEW World Championship: Jon Moxley (c) vs. MJF

MJF’s early assault was cut off by Moxley who took things to the outside of the ring. MJF went for the Cross Rhodes and later locked in the arm-bar. A distraction from Wardlow allowed MJF to continue weakening Moxley’s arm. Moxley’s attack opened up MJF who was bleeding severely.

Moxley hit a Gotch Piledriver as he tried to stop his urge for the banned Paradigm Shift. MJF locked in the Salt of the Earth but Moxley made it to the bottom rope. MJF hit the Heetseeker for a two-count, and another attempt at the move was countered by the champ.

MJF resorted to his heelish tactics with a low-blow followed by the Cross Rhodes for a near-fall. Moxley took advantage of the distracted referee to hit the Paradigm Shift and retain his title, handing MJF his first loss in AEW.

Winner and Still the AEW World Champion: Jon Moxley

Grade: A-

Analysis: There was solid storytelling from both the superstars throughout the match, with Moxley battling his natural instincts to hit the Paradigm Shift. He ended up using the move to win the match, which was a cheeky way for him to retain the title despite being a babyface.

MJF proved that he is as good in the ring as he is on the microphone, and will surely land himself a title run very soon.

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