AEW presented their third official PPV under the All Elite Wrestling banner, and the follow-up to Double or Nothing and Fyter Fest PPV hit all the right spots. AEW is still starting off and there are quite a few gaping holes which they need to fix, but the top-level talents such as Kenny Omega, Adam Page, Chris Jericho along with their tag team division of Young Bucks, Lucha Bros and others have made sure the company is off to a bright start!

AEW Fight for the Fallen is the last PPV before AEW All Out, which is supposed to the biggest PPV before they join live weekly programming on TNT.

Let’s look at a recap and reactions from AEW’s Fight For The Fallen PPV presented from Jacksonville, Florida!

1. Sonny Kiss vs Peter Avalon (with Leva Bates)

Sonny Kiss made his entrance with Jacksonville Jaguars cheerleaders and performed a dance routine before his match against the “Librarian” Peter Avalon. Sonny Kiss dominated most of the match and brought out his A-game and showed his vast arsenal of moves. The crowd started a “reading sucks” chant towards the end. Sonny Kiss eventually won the match with a leg split from the top rope.

Winner: Sonny Kiss

Grade: C

Analysis: Sonny Kiss is being presented as a star in AEW if his performance in this match is anything to go by. The Librarian gimmick was criticized after the Fyter Fest PPV, and AEW tried it out once again this time. The gimmick is an attempt at an old-school heel routine, but has failed to work out so far.

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2. Dr. Britt Baker, D.M.D. and Riho vs Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima

AEW is pretty good when it comes to tag-team wrestling and it was evident with this match. Both the teams had some quality moves throughout the match, filled with lots of DDTs, Suplexes, knee strikes, and aerial offense. The debutants Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima won the match after Nakajima delivered a step-up hurricanrana for the pinfall.

Winners: Bea Priestley and Shoko Nakajima

Grade: B

Analysis: The debutants from Japan looked pretty good in the match and these are promising signs for the women’s division, which has so far looked pretty weak when compared to their male counterparts. There was a lot of miscommunication throughout the match which made things awkward. Overall, a decent match with a potential future feud between Bea and Baker.

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3. Six-Man Tag Team Match: Darby Allen, Jimmy Havoc and Joey Janela vs MJF, Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears

The midcard of AEW was on full display in this match and was full of moments which could be a sign of things to come in the midcard. MJF was once again the charisma fuel for the bout, with several interactions with Shawn Spears throughout the match. The match had several high flying moments and jaw-dropping offense from both the teams. Shawn Spears eventually pinned Darby Allen to win the match.

Winners: MJF, Sammy Guevara and Shawn Spears

Grade: B+

Analysis: The continued storytelling throughout the match was exceptional, with some great work by MJP and Spears. MJF’s reluctance to side with the individual who attacked his mentor Cody was good storytelling, and eventually, Spears ended up pinning Darby Allen, the superstar whom Cody was not able to take down at FyterFest.

This was a good showcase of the mid-card superstars of AEW, with Sammy Guevara, the superstar who was considered as an afterthought before the match, pulling off the best maneuver of the match towards the end.

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4. Brandi Rhodes (with Awesome Kong) vs Allie

The Chief Brand Officer of AEW, Brandi Rhodes took on Allie in a singles match. Both the women are not the most talented individuals in the ring and it was quite apparent with the way match progressed. Awesome Kong helped Brandi Rhodes to win the match after Brandi delivered a bionic spear.

Post-match, Aja Kong had a confrontation with Awesome Kong, potentially setting up a match for All Out.

Winner: Brandi Rhodes

Grade: C

Analysis: Rhodes and Allie are pretty uncoordinated in the ring and this match was overall a dud, except for the final confrontation. AEW is meant to be a wrestling company, and they should avoid having such filler matches just for the sake of it!

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5. Three-Way Tag Team Match: The Dark Order (Evil Uno and Stu Grayson) vs Angélico and Jack Evans vs Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus (with Marko Stunt)

As is the case with all tag matches in AEW, this match was filled with insane tag-team maneuvers by all the three teams. The crowd rallied behind Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy, the two odd gimmicks which seem to be over with the fans. After some insane action and innovative combination moves, the Dark Order won the match to advance to All Out with a potential first-round bye in the Tag Team Tournament due to start soon.

Winners: The Dark Order

Grade: B+

Analysis: The tag-team division of AEW is looking bright if such matches keep on taking place. Luchasaurus and Jungle Boy made a strong case for themselves for a tag-team championship run in the future, while Angelico and Jack Evans busted out several jaw-dropping offenses. The Dark Order had a pretty good debut and will take the mantle of being the creepy team, similar to Bray Wyatt in WWE.

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5. Adam Page vs Kip Sabian

Adam Page is supposed to take on Chris Jericho for the shot at becoming the first AEW World Heavyweight Champion at All Out, but before that he took on Kip Sabian in a singles match at Fight for the Fallen. Adam Page brought out several amazing moves throughout the match such as the moonsault, powerbomb, neck-breaker from the top and the likes. Kip Sabian also made a good case for himself and made sure the fans took note of him.

Page won the match with the DeadEye and was attacked by Chris Jericho (wearing a mask) post-match.

Winner: Adam Page

Grade: A-

Analysis: The match started out quite slowly, but eventually picked up the pace and ended up being a fantastic encounter. The post-match beatdown by Jericho was a great way to hype up the championship match at All Out. Kip Sabian did not look out of the place contesting against the Hangman.

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6. SoCal Uncensored (Frankie Kazarian and Scorpio Sky) (with Christopher Daniels) vs Lucha Brothers (Pentagón Jr. and Rey Fenix)

Both the teams continued the trend of high-quality tag-team wrestling in the PPV. SCU had a great start to the match, but eventually, the Lucha Brothers won the crowd with their maneuvers. Fenix ate a dangerous-looking DDT before Pentagon delivered a Canadian Destroyer, followed by an assisted Package Piledriver for the win.

Winners: Lucha Brothers

Grade: A

Analysis: The match was everything any fan would’ve imagined it would be. Both the teams have amazing individuals who brought out some of the best maneuvers you’ll see in wrestling today. Post-match, Fenix and Pentagon challenged the Young Bucks for a ladder match at All Out which promises to be a five-star encounter.

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7. Kenny Omega vs CIMA

Arguably the best wrestler in the world today, Kenny Omega had his second singles match in AEW following the loss to Chris Jericho at Double or Nothing. The Jacksonville crowd chanted “this is awesome”, even before the match started! CIMA dished out a lot of meteoras, and looked set to win the match. However, Omega had a final flourish and won the match with One Winged Angel.

Winner: Kenny Omega

Grade: A

Analysis: Kenny Omega is termed as best in the world for a reason. His third match in AEW and all three have been top-notch wrestling encounters. CIMA is one of the biggest stars in Japan and had a first-time match-up with Omega. The match lived up to the expectations and was arguably the match of the night.

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8. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson) vs Cody and Dustin Rhodes

The two sets of brothers took on each other in the main event of the evening. Cody and Dustin teamed up for the first time since their stay in WWE, and stood toe-to-toe with the best tag team in the world. Both the teams brought out their A-game in the first half, while Cody-Dustin tried to bring a old-school feel to the match in the next half of the contest.

Young Bucks won the hard-hitting contest with the Meltzer Driver to finish the evening on a high. Matt Jackson appreciated Cody-Dustin after the match, followed by Cody and Kenny Omega giving short speeches to end the night.

Winners: The Young Bucks

Grade: A

Analysis: The match was the perfect way to end the night, and was yet another classic tag-team match presented by AEW. The show felt fresh apart from the lackluster Women’s Matches, and AEW needs to ensure they give the Women’s Division same priority as the Men’s and Tag Team Division.