The Young Bucks vs. Proud N’ Powerful

The first match on the main show was a tag-team display between two highly entertaining teams. The heels isolated Nick Jackson initially, keeping him separated from his brother Matt. Nick somehow found a way back to his brother, who delivered a series of suplexes to his opponent. Nick worked through a leg injury during the match, which made it difficult for the Young Bucks to dish out their signature moves.

Santana & Ortiz taunted the legendary Rock N Roll Express, who looked on from ringside. The heels took advantage of Nick’s knee injury and delivered the StreetSweeper for the win.

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Post-match, Sammy Guevara joined his Inner Circle buddies to inflict pain on the babyfaces, before Rock N Roll Express made the save.

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Result: Proud ‘N’ Powerful defeated The Young Bucks via pinfall

Grade: A- 

Analysis: The match was a solid opener for the evening, and both the teams showcased their talents tremendously well. Both the teams have played second fiddle to the main Cody-Jericho rivalry and did their job pretty well.

These two teams will surely meet in the future, possibly for the AEW Tag Team Championships, and would definitely produce an even better encounter.