Lights Out Unsanctioned Match: Kenny Omega vs. Jon Moxley

The main event of the evening featured two of the best wrestlers in the company, Kenny Omega, and Jon Moxley, teeing off in an anything goes matchup. The competitors went at each other from the very first minute, as the bitter rivals looked to introduce some ‘toys’ into the ring.

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Moxley brought out his barbed wire baseball bat and left Omega’s back bloodied with vicious attacks. Omega returned the favor with a barbed wire broomstick and brought out a board of mousetraps. Moxley introduced chains into the matchup and landed some blows on the Cleaner before Omega tried to hang Moxley with the chains on the apron.

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Omega brought a bag of glass and proceeded to attack Moxley with the broken glass. The action went outside the ring and Omega ordered his Elite buddies to bring a spiderweb of barbed wires. Moxley fought back a One-Winged Angel attempt and delivered a suplex onto the web of barbed wires, leaving both the superstars reeling. Omega delivered a vicious V-Trigger into a Full Gear stage holder.

Moxley unpacked the ring to reveal the wooden flooring, and dodged a Phoenix Splash to deliver a Paradigm Shift onto the wooden flooring for the victory.

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Result: Jon Moxley defeated Kenny Omega via pinfall

Grade: A+

Analysis: Take two of the best wrestlers in the world and allow them the freedom to do what they do best, and you’ll get the most perfect encounter. This is exactly what happened when Omega and Moxley decided to ditch their technical wrestling mindset and bring back the deathmatch style from their early days.

Jon Moxley should definitely be the next contender for AEW World Championship against Chris Jericho, as Kenny Omega suffered yet another loss on PPV, and should be a part of a redemption arc pretty soon.