AEW Dynamite Results and Highlights

The show opened with Jake Roberts hyping up Lance Archer, while recent signee Colt Cabana talked about his experience in the wrestling ring.

  • Lance Archer def. Colt Cabana: Cabana never stood a chance against the dominant Archer, who hit the Blackout for his third win in as many weeks, and advanced to the semi-finals of the tournament.

Britt Baker cut a promo from the dentist’s office and presented the rules of being a proper model. She called out Hikaru Shida for using ‘dirty tactics’ in their match last week.

  • Britt Baker def. Cassandra Golden: Baker won the quick matchup with a fierce superkick for the win.

The Inner Circle starred in a Bubbly Bunch segment where they all joined in a video conference call to make fun of the Elite.

  • Sammy Guevara def. Suge D: The Spanish God dominated the matchup and hit a big knee to his opponent to win the match via pinfall. Guevara continued to beat down his opponent before Darby Allin made the save and chased him off.
  • Kip Sabian def. Chuck Taylor: Sabian’s girlfriend Penelope Ford distracted Taylor before Taylor’s buddy Orange Cassidy repaid the favor. Jimmy Havoc hit Cassidy and Sabian took advantage of the distraction to hit Taylor with the hurricanrana for the victory.
  • Shawn Spears def. Justin Law: The series of squash matches continued with Spears taking up the easy win with the C4.
  • No Holds Barred Match for AEW World Championship | Jon Moxley(c) def. Jake Hager: Both the superstars brawled all over the empty arena, dishing out punishment onto each other before Moxley hit Hager with the Paradigm Shift to retain the title.

AEW Dynamite Takeaways

1. A Massive Letdown

Moxley and Hager promised to tear each other apart in the No Holds Barred Matchup, but it ended up being a slow, methodical matchup, going over thirty minutes with no fans to cheer them on. Jim Ross doing commentary solo for this long match didn’t help either, as it felt tiresome.

The feud had a much better build to it and the eventual product was a massive letdown to say the least. Even WWE made the same mistake with Edge\Orton and Gargano\Ciampa, by having long matches in front of no fans. The idea behind having long matches for deeply personal rivalries is fantastic, but it doesn’t work without fans.

2. Squash Mania

There were very few matches on the AEW card tonight, and most of them were squash matches or irrelevant matches like Kip Sabian and Chuck Taylor facing off. This was a result of most of the stars staying away from the Dynamite tapings, and this could be the case for upcoming weeks.

NXT outperformed Dynamite greatly this week with the debuts and the start of fresh rivalries, and it would be interesting to see how AEW bounces back next week.