Event: AEW Dynamite
Date: March 4, 2020
Location: Denver, CO

AEW Dynamite Results and Highlights

Inner Circle interrupts the new Champion: The post-AEW Revolution episode of Dynamite started with the new AEW World Champion, Jon Moxley, making his entrance to tremendous applause from the crowd. Moxley soaked in the cheers and dedicated his victory to the fans. He reiterated that things are not over between him and The Inner Circle, and challenged them once again.

Chris Jericho made his entrance along with the rest of his buddies and said that the Moxley Era is disgusting. Jericho called out Moxley for lying about his eye and said that if Moxley walks out on his own after the tag match later in the night, he will take a leave for sixty days from AEW.

SCU and Colt Cabana def. The Dark Order: After the actions that took place on the pre-show of Revolution, the two teams competed in an eight-man tag match. The match saw fast-flowing action with both the teams trying to outnumber each other. Debutant Colt Cabana eventually picked up the win for the faces with a Chicago Skyline for the win.

Post-match, Evil Uno took the microphone and said that the Exalted One won’t be happy with the way things went down. Uno added, ‘When he comes, heads will roll’.

Big Swole def. Leva Bates: Bates and her partner Peter Avalon tried to distract Big Swole with a book. Bates hit Swole with the book while the referee was distracted, but Swole survived and hit a series of moves for the pinfall.

WWE Hall of Famer Interrupts Cody Rhodes: Cody made his entrance as the crowd cheered him on, and talked about his loss against MJF at Revolution. Cody was interrupted by WWE Hall of Famer Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts, who said no one wants to hear Cody’s whinings. Roberts announced that he shall be managing a faction named ‘The Dark Side‘, and said he’ll be ringside when they arrive. He asked Cody to bring ‘one-trick pony’ Arn Anderson along with him. Roberts added that he is not here to take the whole pie, but just Cody’s share.

PAC def. Chuck Taylor: After defeating Orange Cassidy at Revolution, the bastard PAC took on Chuck Taylor on Dynamite. In a fairly one-sided matchup, PAC defeated Taylor after locking him in the deadly Brutalizer submission.

Post-match, Trent and Cassidy got in PAC’s face, but the Lucha Brothers made the save by taking out all the three superstars. PAC took the mic and announced the formation of the new team, and they’ll be known as the Death Triangle.

Jake Hager def. QT Marshall: Jake Hager made his AEW Dynamite in-ring debut in quite a dominating fashion. He manhandled Marshall throughout the match and eventually won with the standing triangle submission.

Post-match, Hager refused to break the hold and Dustin Rhodes made the save. Santana and Ortiz attacked Rhodes, as Cody ran out to make the save. Ortiz hit Cody with a chair, followed by Matt Jackson (sans Nick) super kicking Ortiz. Matt went at Hager but ate a high-elevation slam. Hangman Page made his entrance, drank his beer, took out all the superstars, exchanged words with Matt Jackson and went for another beer.

Backstage: MJF cut a promo and asked the fans to find a new leader in him. MJF talked about being undefeated in the company and will take down everyone in his path. MJF reveals his new ‘I Pinned Cody’ t-shirt and said it’s distracting and obnoxious like a neck tattoo.

Chris Jericho and Sammy Guevara def. Darby Allin and Jon Moxley: Before the match could get started, Hager, Santana, and Ortiz attacked Moxley during his entrance, effectively taking him out of the match. Darby Allin went solo in the matchup and performed admirably well, but couldn’t take out the former Champion and his protege. Allin went for a suicide dive but was caught with a Judas Effect mid-air, and Guevara pinned him for the win.

Post-match, an injured Moxley ran out to the ring, only to be attacked by the Inner Circle yet again. After taking several shots from the group, Moxley was laid out outside the ring, as the Inner Circle celebrated in the ring. The show ended with Moxley stretchered out of the arena.