WWE Monday Night Raw Results, August 3, 2020

Here are your WWE Monday Night Raw results from August 3, 2020. The first Raw episode of the month featured a stacked show with the United States Championship on the line, Shane McMahon returning to Raw to make an announcement, and more.

WWE Raw Results:

United States Championship | Apollo Crews(c) def. MVP:
Crews made his return to WWE programming and retained his title over MVP despite Lashley and Shelton Benjamin’s interruptions. Read More.

Post-match, Lashley tried to attack Crews but he retreated. Crews cut a heartfelt promo backstage with his new US belt, while MVP and his goons ranted at ringside.

Shane McMahon’s office is seen backstage with a tall guard, as rumors of Shane McMahon starting a new project are mentioned.

Bayley and Sasha Banks talked about Banks’ win last week, as Asuka raged on about the loss. Shayna Baszler interrupted the duo and dropped Banks.

Kevin Owens introduced Ruby Riott as the guest on his show, where she opened up about her in-ring struggles. Owens then brought Liv Morgan and persuaded them to get back together. The IIconics interrupted and did some trash-talking before Riott Squad reunited to beat them up.

Riott Squad def. The IIconics:
A quick matchup saw Morgan and Riott pick up the win after Morgan rolled up Kay for the three count. Read More.

The commentary revealed that there were some attacks backstage, leading to technical difficulties. MVP said he is unhappy with the unsafe working conditions, while Benjamin revealed that his title was stolen.

Drew McIntyre cut a promo on how Randy Orton deserved to be fired years ago but was kept solely because of his family name. Orton interrupted and called himself the best in the business, to which McIntyre disagreed. McIntyre said he will take revenge for all the people Orton has kicked in the head, at SummerSlam.

Ric Flair walked up to Kevin Ownes backstage and tried to get Owens on his side. Owens asked for a match against Orton next week, as Flair taunted Owens.

Nia Jax and Pat Buck got in the ring as Jax was supposed to apologize to Buck. However, Jax ended up trash talking Buck and attacked him once again before she got suspended indefinitely without pay. Read More.

24/7 Championship Match | Akira Tozawa def. Shelton Benjamin and R-Truth: The distraction from Tozawa’s ninjas proved enough as he pinned R-Truth to win the title once again.

Shane McMahon introduced WWE Raw Underground, which was quite similar to Fight Club with an underground ring with no ropes surrounded by several fighters. Read More.

Dominik Mysterio cut a promo backstage and said he will take revenge for his dad. Dominik challenged Seth Rollins for a match at Summerslam.

Sasha Bank vs Shayna Baszler:
The duo produced a good match which had an abrupt ending, as Asuka’s attack on Bayley led to the referee calling for the bell.

Post-match, Banks and Bayley retreated, while Asuka got in the ring and demanded a title rematch. Baszler joined her and said she will look forward to taking the title off of Asuka after SummerSlam. Banks set up Asuka vs Bayley for next week, with Asuka getting a match at SummerSlam if she wins.

Angel Garza flirted backstage with The Bachelor’s Demi Burnett as Andrade and Zelina Vega looked on.

The first match of WWE Raw Underground saw Dabba Kato formerly known as Babatunde in NXT, destroy some local talent.

Angel Garza def. Angelo Dawkins: Ford fainted at ringside, and Garza took advantage of the distraction to drop Dawkins with a kick to win.

Andrade vs Montez Ford:
Ford recovered to fight the match, but he ended up fainting once again as the referee called off to the match. Read More.

The next WWE Underground segment saw Erik of Viking Raiders absolutely manhandle an unnamed superstar.

Backstage, Bianca Belair attacked Zelina Vega, as she possibly poisoned Belair’s husband Montez Ford.

MVP and his buddies are frustrated after their losses with MVP discussing a new plan for WWE Underground.

Seth Rollins taunted Tom Phillips, as Samoa Joe stood up for his commentary partner. The duo were about to fight before Dominik Mysterio attacked Rollins, hitting him with 619. Rollins accepted Mysterio’s challenge for SummerSlam. Read More.

Dolph Ziggler submitted his opponent in WWE Underground, as The Hurt Business made their entrance. Lashley manhandled a few opponents before Shelton Benjamin destroyed Dio Maddin.