Event: WWE NXT 
Date: February 5, 2020 
Location: Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

The BroserWeights-Undisputed ERA segment: The winners of the 2020 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, The BroserWeights opened this week’s show to celebrate their historic victory; Matt Riddle and Pete Dunne came down to the ring in a decorated golf cart with the prestigious trophy on the back.

Both men cut a brief promo and vowed to become the new tag team champions at NXT TakeOver: Portland but were interrupted by The Undisputed ERA’s Bobby Fish, Kylie O’Reilly and Roderick Strong. The reigning tag team champions had quite the verbal exchange with their upcoming TakeOver challengers to conclude the segment.

Angel Garza def. Isaiah “Swerve” Scott: Multiple nearfalls and impressive high-flying spots were the biggest highlights of the fast-paced match that eventually climaxed with Isiah “Swerve” Scott tapping out to Angel Garza’s Wing Clipper in the middle of the ring.

Post-match, Garza talked about the victory and mentioned his outing with Humberto Carrillo and Rey Mysterio this past Monday on RAW. The Latino Superstar stated that he wants to recapture that NXT Cruiserweight Championship that he never lost and promised to keep an eye on reigning champion Jordan Devlin.

Backstage: The Undisputed ERA bullied a staffer and enhancement talents in their relentless search for Tommaso Ciampa. Bobby Fish tossed a crew member into a production case while Roderick Strong ruined another enhancement talent’s haircut. NXT Champion Adam Cole commanded his stablemates to make Ciampa aware they’re searching for him.

Dominik Dijakovic def. Killian Dain: Killian Dain positioned himself on the second rope for a Vader Bomb and delivered a big boot to Dominik Dijakovic who made an attempt to stop him in his tracks. Refusing to go down, Dijakovic fired back with a Feast Your Eyes out of the corner for the pin to win.

Post-match, Dijakovic began bragging about his dominance as Mauro Ranallo confirmed that he is set to challenge Keith Lee for the NXT North American Title at TakeOver: Portland. Lee walked down to the ring; both Superstars shook hands and had a friendly exchange of words before making their exits.

Backstage: The Undisputed ERA’s search for Ciampa continued as the heel stable assaulted Kushida and buried him in a cart before unleashing a brutal beatdown on Bronson Reed.

Balor-Gargano Promo: Finn Balor and Johnny Gargano had an intense verbal exchange via split video feed to hype their match at TakeOver: Portland. Gargano vowed to drive the NXT flag through Balor’s heart to which a fired up Prince proclaimed that he doesn’t have one and, in return, promised to end Johnny’s career on February 16th.

Mercedes Martinez def. Kacy Catanzaro: Mercedes Martinez dominated Kacy Catanzaro for the most part before scoring the victory off a Fisherman’s Buster.

Intense Brawl Backstage: Tommaso Ciampa attacked Undisputed ERA and took them out one by one. The Sicilian Psychopath tossed the three sidekicks in a trailer and beat Adam Cole into the arena. Ciampa slammed Cole’s face into the announcers’ desk repeatedly before Bobby Fish, Kylie O’Reilly and Roderick Strong made the save.

The brawl flowed to the ring as The BroserWeights rushed out to join Ciampa in battle. Referees and security personnel tried their best to separate every single one of them amidst “let them fight’” chants as NXT General Manager William Regal booked them for the main event. The ERA regrouped on the stage before storming the ring again and attacking Ciampa at ringside.

The violent fight reached the stage and the referees and security personnel had to break things up once again.

Jordan Devlin def. Tyler Breeze: Reigning Cruiserweight Champion Jordan Devlin made his televised debut for the main NXT brand in style by planting Tyler Breeze with a Devil Inside to score a hard-fought non-title pinfall victory.

Charlotte Flair returned to NXT: Bianca Belair stood in the ring to talk about her NXT Women’s Title match against Rhea Ripley at TakeOver: Portland. The EST called Ripley out just when the music interrupted and out came Charlotte Flair to a huge pop, marking her return to NXT. The crowd chanted “Welcome Home” as The Queen responded with “NXT Woo”s.

Flair reminded Belair although she is an amazing athlete, she isn’t The Queen. Ripley interrupted her and all three women had a face-off followed by an extended verbal exchange.

Flair went for a cheap shot but Belair decked and double teamed with Ripley to take her down. The EST talked some trash to Ripley before making her exit; Flair rolled out of the ring and made her way to the back as Rhea posed with the NXT Women’s Title in the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa & The BroserWeights def. The Undisputed ERA via DQ: The extremely entertaining and highly-physical showdown failed to yield a clean winner as an illegal Roderick Strong interfered and unloaded on Tommaso Ciampa, resulting in a disqualification.

Post-match, The Undisputed ERA continued their assault and the number’s game proved to be heavy for the babyfaces. Adam Cole sprayed a yellow X symbol on Ciampa’s back and knocked the former champion’s lights out with his exposed knee. The arena lights dimmed down and the “5,2,0” circle popped up on the titantron to mark Velveteen Dream’s iconic return.

Dream appeared on the turnbuckle outta nowhere and leaped on ERA to wipe them out. The crowd went wild as the former NXT North American Champion cleared house with superkicks and planted Cole with a Dream Valley Driver. The arena buzzed with “welcome back!” chants as Dream stood tall in the middle of the ring.