Event: WWE RAW
Date: February 10, 2020 
Location: Ontario, Canada

WWE Raw Results and Highlights

Main Event hype: Seth Rollins opened this week’s show in Ontario, Canada, joined by his allies, Buddy Murphy, and AOP. The Monday Night Messiah addressed the WWE Universe regarding his new nickname and ranted about Kevin Owens and his buddies. The Prizefighter came out and had a heated verbal exchange before introducing The Viking Raiders.

An intense brawl broke out between the babyfaces and heels as Rollins stood in the ring and watched all six Superstars brawl at ringside. The crowd went nuts as Samoa Joe appeared outta nowhere and applied the Coquina Clutch on The Messiah. The brawl flowed to the ring and Owens sent Murphy packing with a big Stunner as the babyfaces held their ground and celebrated to bring the segment to a close.

RAW Women’s Championship | Becky Lynch(c) def. Asuka: A distraction from Kairi Sane allowed Asuka to dominate her opponent as Becky Lynch struggled to make her way back into the match. After a flurry of quick pinning exchanges, The Man dropped The Empress with a Rock Bottom and covered her for the 1-2-3.

Lynch didn’t have any time to celebrate as she was quickly blindsided by Shayna Baszler. The former NXT Women’s Champion gave Becky a taste of the Kirafuda Clutch before biting a piece of her neck out. Shayna made her exit with Becky’s blood pouring from her mouth as the referee and paramedics rushed to check on The Man.

The Street Profits def. Mojo Rawley & Riddick Moss: Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford performed the Pop-up Spinebuster and Split-legged frog splash combo on Riddick Moss to pick up the victory.

Post-match, Mojo tended to Moss but got pinned by his so-called ally instead. Moss fled with the WWE 24/7 Title. We have a new WWE 24/7 Champion.

Backstage: Becky Lynch continued her argument with the paramedics and officials before stealing the ambulance and driving away with the sirens blaring.

The VIP Lounge ft. Drew McIntyre: Winner of the 2020 Men’s Royal Rumble, Drew McIntyre marched down to join MVP in the ring but was stopped by two guys at the bottom of the ramp who insisted on having his name checked on the guest list. The Sexy Scotsman powered his way through and entered the ring.

MVP began his rant about how some people are of the opinion that McIntyre would fail to beat Brock Lesnar for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 36. Things heated up quickly and MVP proposed to become Drew’s new business manager.

After a brief exchange of words followed by a momentary face-off, Drew was about to leave but MVP grabbed his arm and told him not to turn his back because he needs Mr. 305.

The Sexy Scotsman delivered a Glasgow Kiss headbutt followed by a vicious Claymore Kick (on the count of 3). Drew mocked the “Ballin'” gesture for a laugh from the audience. He posed in the corner and pointed up at the WrestleMania sign before leaving to his music.

Angel Garza def. Cedric Alexander: Humberto Carrillo attacked Angel Garza before the match, but Garza continued his showmanship on the red brand by dominating Cedric Alexander and scoring his first main roster victory off a Wing Clipper.

Post-match, Garza and Zelina Vega stood in the ring to celebrate the victory.

Rhea Ripley def. Sarah Logan: With Charlotte Flair watching, the reigning NXT Women’s Champion manhandled Sarah Logan before putting her opponent away with a Riptide to score her debut Raw victory.

Post-match, Flair and Ripley continued their WrestleMania tease as the NXT Women’s Champion demanded an answer from The Queen. Instead of providing an answer, Flair asked what’s the guarantee that Ripley would still be the champion after her title match against Bianca Belair at TakeOver: Portland. The 10-time Women’s Champion signed off with a “Woo!” as Ripley posed with her title.

Ricochet def. Bobby Lashley: The AlMighty took The One And Only to the top rope for a back superplex but the latter landed on his feet and fired back with a flurry of kicks. Ricochet hit a 630 Senton on Lashley to pick up the victory, thus pinning Lana’s ‘husband’ for the second week in a row.

Randy Orton Brutalized Matt Hardy: Randy Orton hit the ring to address his actions from Raw after Royal Rumble where he had absolutely decimated the returning Edge. The Viper said that he still owes the WWE Universe an explanation but Woken Matt Hardy’s music cut him off.

Hardy walked down to “Delete!” chants and joined Orton in the ring to extensively recapitulate the history he shares with Edge. Matt demanded an explanation from The Viper only to find himself blocking an RKO attempt seconds later. The Viper dodged a Side Effect and successfully delivered an RKO this time around.

Without wasting any time, Orton placed Matt’s head on a steel chair and smashed it with another chair as the referees rushed to check on Hardy. On his way back, the 11-time World Champion stopped on the stage and turned around to soak up the wild boos.

Backstage: Sarah Schreiber asked Ruby Riott to explain her animosity for Liv Morgan. The former Riott Squad leader acknowledged their old friendship before stating that the real Morgan is like a little puppy on a leash. The Punk Rock Ragdoll declared that Liv doesn’t strike when she wants, rather, she strikes when Ruby wants.

Riott signed off by saying that she has returned to remind Morgan that she is still a follower and vowed to put her former bestie back in her place.

Aleister Black def. Akira Tozawa: The Anti-Hero knocked Tozawa’s lights out with a Black Mass to continue his winning streak.

Post-match, Black cut a brief promo to warn his future opponents of their impending doom.

Becky Lynch promo: Lynch returned in the ambulance and marched into the arena. The Raw Women’s Champion took the mic, declared war on Shayna Baszler and left the ring as the crowd chanted her name.

Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy & The Authors of Pain def. Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe & The Viking Raiders: Both teams enjoyed a constant shift in momentum in the highly entertaining and physical main event matchup but the heels eventually had the final laugh.

A string of signature moves during the final moments received a huge pop as the referee tried to restore order. Samoa Joe locked Buddy Murphy in the Coquina Clutch but a timely distraction from the AOP ensured the referee didn’t see the Best Kept Secret tap out to The Destroyer. Seth Rollins curb stomped Joe to break the submission hold and Murphy covered him to score the pinfall.

Post-match, the heels quickly retreated up the ramp, having scored yet another victory over the babyfaces.

Takeaways from Monday Night Raw

1. Shayna Baszler Has Arrived

The former NXT Champion has been stuck in transit over the past few months, ever since she was dethroned by Rhea Ripley, but finally, The Queen of Spades made her Raw debut this week and set her sights on The Man. Becky Lynch and Shayna Baszler already planted seeds for a feud back at Survivor Series, but Baszler’s debut was somewhat shocking considering the fact that she targetted Lynch’s neck and took a chunk out of it to send her a message.

2. Will Charlotte Be Put In Another Triple Threat?

There’s a reason why Charlotte is delaying her answer when it comes to challenging Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania in less than two months’ time, which could be because Ripley defends her title against Bianca Belair in Portland this weekend or it could be because WWE has a bigger idea in mind.

Charlotte could be right to wait since Ripley may not be holding the title after Sunday night, but either way, Belair put her hands on Charlotte last week on NXT, so The Queen should be looking for revenge. Does this mean that there could be a triple threat match for the NXT Women’s Championship at WrestleMania?

3. What’s Next For Mojo Rawley?

Winning the 24/7 Championship was supposed to be Mojo Rawley’s big push, but Riddick Moss couldn’t be trusted and now that he’s been able to defeat his former mentor, where does this leave Mojo? The former NXT star trusted Moss and it’s obvious that this betrayal could lead to an interesting feud between the two men, but will Mojo be used to put Riddick Moss over?

4. Bobby Lashley’s Losing Streak

For two weeks in a row Bobby Lashley has been unable to get the better of Ricochet, which could be WWE foreshadowing the issues that Brock Lesnar could have with WWE’s resident Superhero at Super ShowDown. That being said, Lashley is obviously frustrated with what is happening at present and it’s only a matter of time before he decides that Lana is the reason for this losing streak and turns on his new bride. Is there a way for Lashley to turn this latest losing streak around?