WWE Raw Results and Highlights

This week’s RAW opened with Randy Orton, who cut a promo on how he was the Intercontinental Champion the last time RAW was held in the arena. He talked about his attack on Edge and apologized to the fans for his actions. The fans mercilessly booed the Viper who was then interrupted by Kevin Owens who received a massive pop in his home country.

Owens called out Orton for his lies and demanded to know the reason behind his vicious attack. Owens said he looked up to Edge while growing up, and always wanted to work with the Rated R Superstar. He demanded a match against Orton, who accepted the challenge, but said it won’t take place now. Orton retreated as Owens soaked in the hometown cheers.

Backstage: Angel Garza and Zelina Vega were interviewed by Charly Caruso. Vega hyped up Garza, who flirted with Caruso for a bit. Vega asserted that Garza and Vega are in a complete business association and nothing else.

Angel Garza def. Humberto Carillo: The two Latin superstars squared off inside the squared circle, in a fun high-intensity match. The duo traded beautiful looking Spanish Fly and traded several pin attempts before Garza finally got the three count for the win.

Ricochet def. Luke Gallows: The No.1 contender to the WWE Championship took on the member of the OC in a rather random matchup. Paul Heyman looked on from backstage, as Ricochet overcame the size disadvantage to win with a Shooting Star Press.

Post-match, Karl Anderson and Gallows got into an argument as AJ Styles tried to calm things down. He expressed his intentions to face Ricochet at WrestleMania if he somehow managed to win the WWE title from Lesnar. Aleister Black was walking backstage and was triple-teamed by The OC.

Brock Lesnar made his way to the ring, continuing his streak of appearing on every single RAW this year. Heyman hyped up the match between Lesnar and Ricochet at Super ShowDown this week and said Lesnar will defeat Ricochet and go on to take Drew McIntyre to Suplex City at WrestleMania.

Aleister Black def. Erick Rowan: In a repeat of last week’s matchup, Black once again defeated the former Wyatt Family member, despite nursing his injuries from the attack by OC backstage. Black delivered the devastating Black Mass for the win.

Bobby Lashley def. R-Truth: Lashley took on Truth in the singles match amidst loud ‘Rusev Day’ chants from the vocal crowd. Truth hit the Five Knuckle Shuffle and went for the AA, but Lashley countered to hit a Spear for the win.

Jerry Lawler was out for a contract signing for the Women’s Elimination Chamber Match. Asuka trash-talked Lawler and mentioned that Baszler is nowhere to be seen for the signing. The five women signed the contract as tensions continued to rise. Baszler made her way to the ring from the barricade and signed the contract, following which a brawl broke out.

Baszler was the last woman standing, and Becky Lynch entered the ring for what could be a preview of WrestleMania. The two ladies fought as the referees tried to separate them.

Angelo Dawkins def. Murphy by DQ: Street Profits made their way out first and said they will win the Tag Team Championships at Super ShowDown this week. Murphy entered with The Messiah Seth Rollins and AOP. The match never got going as Seth Rollins attacked Dawkins for the DQ finish.

Post-match, Montez Ford made the save, and said Murphy was hit so hard last week that he lost his first name.

Seth Rollins def. Montez Ford: In a fantastic encounter, Rollins took down Ford. The match was filled with intense offense from the two highly talented superstars. Ford went for the Frogsplash but missed it, Rollins took advantage and hit the Stomp for the decisive three count.

Randy Orton def. Kevin Owens: The Viper faced off against hometown hero in the main event. The match was marred by Seth Rollins and his entourage consistently distracting Owens, before Viking Raiders and Street Profits made the save. The referee called for the bell out of nowhere to give Orton the victory.

Post-match, Seth Rollins introduced steel chairs into the ring and invited Orton to attack Owens. Owens took the chair himself, but the referee once again interrupted. The referee was then revealed to be a Seth Rollins disciple as he was wearing a Rollins t-shirt underneath his shirt.

Owens destroyed the referee with the chair, hit him with a powerbomb, and invited Rollins to fight, who retreated. The last RAW before Super ShowDown ended with Owens soaking in cheers from the crowd.

WWE Raw Takeaways

1. Where Is Rusev?

This week on Raw, just days before WWE travels to Saudi Arabia it was revealed that Rusev had been taken out of the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match and replaced by Rey Mysterio. It was a strange move but continues to confirm that Rusev’s WWE future is still very much up in the air, his wife Lana has already signed a new contract with WWE but Rusev is dragging his feet and after his latest outburst on Instagram last week, it appears that his days on Raw could now be numbered.

2. Aleister Black vs AJ Styles

Aleister Black has been waiting for someone of substance to step up and challenge him for months and after brushing aside the likes of Erick Rowan and Buddy Murphy, it appears that he got his wish.

Black was attacked by Styles and The OC this week on Raw but he was still able to go on to defeat Rowan in their rematch and challenge Styles to a match next week. This shows just how hardcore Black actually is and this could easily be built into a match that could be part of the WrestleMania card.

3. Has Seth Rollins Been Relegated?

Seth Rollins was the Universal Champion in the fall of 2019, after losing his Championship to The Fiend at the end of last year, the former Champion stepped into the Monday Night Messiah storyline and has since become a Tag Team Champion. At present behind the Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton feuds, many fans have failed to notice that Rollins has been pushed down into the mid-card of Raw. Rollins is also still currently without a WrestleMania match or anything leading towards one, which is shocking since WrestleMania is now around 5 weeks away.

4. Interesting Twist In Kevin Owens Storyline

Edge and Matt Hardy were already on Randy Orton’s hit list in recent weeks but Kevin Owens stepped into The Viper’s way this week on RAW and paid the price.  Owens lost the match to Orton under controversial circumstances before it was revealed that the referee was helping Seth Rollins the whole time. Rollins tried to claim that he had nothing to do with his newest disciple costing Owens the match, but this clearly wasn’t the case. Whilst this is an interesting turn of events, will Owens be punished for putting his hands on an official?