WWE Raw Results and Highlights

  • The final RAW before WrestleMania opened with a promo from The Undertaker, who got personal with AJ Styles, calling him out for not joining WWE all those years ago, and said that his wife Michelle McCool does the Styles Clash better than Styles. The segment ended with AJ Styles’ tombstone in the background.
  • Becky Lynch made her entrance in the empty arena and led us to a replay of her win in the main event last year. Lynch went on to talk about Shayna Baszler‘s insecurities about being in Ronda Rousey’s shadow before Baszler attacked her and laid her out.
  • Aleister Black defeated Jason Cade in his weekly jobber-smash. Black took down the enhancement talent with his devastating Black Mass, as the commentators hyped up his match against Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania.
  • Kevin Owens and The Street Profits defeated Seth Rollins, Angel Garza and Austin Theory: Zelina Vega announced the arrival of the hottest free-agent Austin Theory, who replaced the injured Andrade. A fun matchup saw the faces reign supreme after Owens stunned Garza for the win. Post-match, after receiving a Stomp from Rollins, Owens cut a promo and said that he doesn’t have any WrestleMania moments, but he will surely have one after defeating the arrogant dips**t Seth Rollins next week.
  • In a pre-recorded promo, Edge said he is indeed a junkie as Orton claimed. He loves being in front of the WWE Universe and is passionate about wrestling. Edge claimed that Orton has lost that passion, and he will give him a beating of a lifetime at WrestleMania.
  • Asuka defeated Kayden Carter: After the official confirmation of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match at WrestleMania, Asuka had an easy win against the NXT talent, with the Asuka Lock.
  • In a pre-recorded video, Charlotte Flair was seen ambushing Rhea Ripley, who was arriving at the Performance Center. Flair called the NXT Women’s Champion a rookie and said that she’ll see her at ‘Mania.
  • Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar cut an in-ring promo where Heyman continued to hype the Beast by mentioning the names of all the superstars Lesnar has destroyed and said Drew McIntyre will be the next. He also claimed that Lesnar will be in the ring for the RAW before ‘Mania next year as well, and he will be talking about how McIntyre had a great story but couldn’t overcome the beast.

WWE Raw Takeaways

1. Where is Drew?

Usually, when Brock Lesnar has a strap over his shoulder, he is the one missing most of the WWE programming and returning once in a while to look dominant in the ring while Heyman hypes him up. However, ever since the start of this year, Lesnar has appeared on almost every Monday night, which is rather surprising.

This time, it is Drew McIntyre who has been surprisingly been kept off TV these past few weeks, which is rather disappointing. WWE is building Drew up as the next big thing and possibly the top guy on RAW, but his absence from WWE programming is rather disappointing.

Unless there is a reason the fans haven’t been made aware of, McIntyre’s absence does more harm than good.

2. Promo Masterclass

We saw three excellent promos being cut by The Undertaker, Kevin Owens and Edge on RAW, who responded to their respective WrestleMania opponents. Undertaker seemingly went back to his American Badass gimmick with his promo and body language, which made for one of the best promos he has cut in years.

The Canadian duo brought more emotions into their promos, as their opponents (Rollins and Randy), brought up things about their careers which hurt them the most. Owens hasn’t had any WrestleMania moment despite being in the company for five years, while Edge accepted that he is a ‘junkie’ and craves for the love and affection of the WWE Universe.

With no crowd in attendance, the promos feel more natural, and the three men took full advantage of this.