Event: WWE RAW
Date: March 9, 2020 
Location: Washington, DC

WWE Raw Results and Highlights

Becky Lynch Promo: The post Elimination Chamber episode of the red brand opened with Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch who talked about the Chamber match and how Shayna Baszler ran through the entire set of participants, including Asuka, whom even Lynch couldn’t defeat for a long time.

Lynch went on to call Baszler as a ‘black hole of charisma’, and said she runs the Women’s Division. Baszler may be here to take back the title which Lynch took from her friend, Ronda Rousey, and Lynch recalled the fact that the Queen of Spades refused to shake her hand post WM last year. Lynch said she’ll smash Baszler’s face and dropped the mic to end the segment.

Rey Mysterio def. Angel Garza: The two Latin superstars went at it in the first match of the night. Garza displayed his usual antics, with his manager Zelina Vega at ringside. A 619 attempt was blocked into a superkick by Garza, but Mysterio eventually hit the finisher followed by the springboard splash for the win.

Backstage: A footage showed Kevin Owens enter the arena for the show earlier in the night. He was greeted by Seth Rollins, AOP, and Murphy, who mercilessly thrashed him backstage. Rollins mimicked Owens from EC by eating popcorn and went on to hit the Stomp on Owens.

Rhea Ripley Confronts Charlotte Flair: In a video package, NXT Women’s Champion Rhea Ripley talked about her career in WWE, and how she was labeled as a mini-Charlotte when she first made her debut in the yellow brand. Ripley wants to show the WWE Universe what she truly is at the Grandest Stage of Them All.

Charlotte made her entrance and cut a pretty narcissistic promo. Charlotte said that Ripley will never be like The Queen, and she should get ready to be humbled in front of 90,000 people by the ten-time Women’s Champion.

Ripley made her entrance and tried to talk but was immediately cut off by Charlotte who said this is RAW and not NXT. An angry Ripley hit her with a big right hand and smiled to end the segment.

Bobby Lashley def. Zack Ryder w/ Curt Hawkins: Lashley returned to Raw this week without his ‘wife’ Lana who is off shooting a movie. The crowd chanted ‘We Want Lana’, as Lashley manhandled Ryder for an easy victory with the Dominator.

Backstage: Aleister Black was about to cut a promo but got immediately cut off by a knock on his door. It was Seth Rollins and Murphy who introduced themselves and offered him a role in their faction. Murphy tossed him a t-shirt but Black immediately refused the deal. Rollins said that he is either on their side or against them, and Black graciously accepted the challenge laid down by the Monday Night Messiah.

Drew McIntyre def. Erick Rowan: The No.1 Contender to Brock Lesnar’s WWE Championship destroyed Erick Rowan and his caged tarantula in a quick matchup. McIntyre hit the DDT followed by the devastating Claymore to end the match.

The Kabuki Warriors def. Natalya and Liv Morgan: In this non-title matchup, Natalya and Morgan looked to make a case for themselves against the champs. However, Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan marched down to the ring, leading to Morgan abandoning the match in favor of a fight with her former stablemates. An outnumbered Natalya ate a big kick by Asuka to end the matchup.

AJ Styles Gets Personal With The Undertaker: A seemingly upset Styles got into the ring to address The Undertaker who cost him the match yet again at Elimination Chamber. Styles said that when Roman Reigns defeated The Undertaker and he folded up his things, he should have walked off for good. He went on to add that the defeat at the hands of Brock Lesnar should have been the end of his career.

Styles dropped a name bomb and said he doesn’t see a Phenom, rather a broken-down old man named Mark Callaway. He believed Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool to be the reason behind him coming back again and again. Styles dropped more verbal jabs and challenged him to a match at WrestleMania.

WWE 24/7 Championship Match | Riddick Moss (c) def. Cedric Alexander: The former Cruiserweight Champion looked to take down the much larger frame of Moss, but was unsuccessful as Moss hit the neck breaker for the win.

Edge Returns With a Message: In the ring, MVP talked about his transition from an in-ring competitor to an absolute ‘brainiac’. MVP wanted to start a faction with Edge, who made his entrance in a very frustrated fashion and challenged Orton to come out to the ring. MVP asked Edge about his wife, which triggered the Rated R Superstar. Edge hit a spear on MVP but he was immediately blindsided by Orton who tried to hit an RKO. Edge was prepared this time and countered with an RKO of his own.

Edge introduced steel chairs into the ring but Orton smartly rolled out of the ring and walked away. Edge hit two Con-chair-tos to MVP as Orton looked on from the ramp to end the segment.

Aleister Black vs Seth Rollins w/ Murphy: Seth Rollins and Aleister Black faced off in a singles match, which promised to be an impressive encounter. Black got the upper-hand and introduced Rollins to his vast arsenal of hard-hitting strikes. A snap German suplex followed by a bridge was broken up by Murphy for the DQ.

Post-match, AOP, Rollins and Murphy beat up Black. The Viking Raiders and Street Profits made the save, and Ford challenged them to an eight-man tag match.

Seth Rollins, AOP and Murphy def. The Street Profits and Viking Raiders: A fast-paced match saw all the eight competitors dish out some fantastic in-ring action. The finish saw Montez Ford take out all the superstars, and headed to the ring, only to be greeted by a stomp from Rollins for the pinfall.

Post-match, Kevin Owens attacked Rollins, but AOP and Murphy helped out their leader. Owens took care of AOP and Murphy but was at the receiving end of three stomps by Rollins to close out the show.

WWE Raw Takeaways

1. A Repeat of a Repeat

Every week, RAW’s main-event has been a match between a combination of the Rollins’ faction and Owens’ friends. The trope has begun to get tiring at this point, and WWE is clearly building towards a Rollins-Owens match at WrestleMania. The introduction of Black in this feud was an interesting decision, but it simply served as a medium to get yet another multi-man tag match.

WWE must try to make the feud seem less repetitive by introducing different matchups and bringing in characters like Black to freshen up the story from time-to-time.

2. A Phenom-enal Promo

AJ Styles went into the depths of hell this week on RAW and cut a legendary promo against the Undertaker, breaking kayfabe for the first time and talking about Taker’s personal life. Styles calling out Taker for his old age and talking about his wife is definitely not going to go down well with the Deadman, and The Phenomenal One will surely have to face repercussions in the coming weeks.

Styles and Undertaker is definitely a dream match for the WWE Universe, but it would be really tough to imagine WWE giving Undertaker yet another loss at WrestleMania. At least with Styles as his opponent, we can be assured of a stellar matchup, as Styles has shown his versatility again and again in the company.

3. A Crushing Reply

Edge made his return to RAW, after being attacked by Randy Orton on the post-Rumble episode of the red brand over a month ago. After Orton’s vicious RKO on his wife Beth Pheonix last week, Edge meant business this week and was ready to pounce on the first man he crossed paths with.

Edge couldn’t get his redemption against Orton this week, but demonstrated his willingness to dish out the same punishment as Orton, by taking out MVP with brutal chair shots to the head.