Event: WWE Raw 
Date: November 4, 2019 
Location: Long Island, NY

WWE Raw Results & Highlights

Three cars were shown arriving at the parking lot of the venue before Raw started. Triple H stepped out and spoke to someone in one of the other cars. Is NXT on Raw?

Brock Lesnar kicked off Monday Night Raw with Paul Heyman explaining how Lesnar was able to switch brands. The segment ended with Heyman warning everyone that Lesnar will turn the arena upside down if Rey Mysterio doesn’t show up. Lesnar went backstage and started vandalizing and attacking people while looking for Rey.

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Charlotte Flair and Natalya defeated The Kabuki Warriors in a non-title match. Natalya went for the Sharpshooter, but Asuka countered it into an Armbar. Natalya countered again and locked in this time. Kairi Sane broke the hold by hitting a Codebreaker on Natalya, but Flair delivered a Spear to take Sane out of the equation. Asuka went for the Asuka Lock but The Queen of Harts countered it and made the tag team champion tap out to another Sharpshooter in the middle of the ring.

Lesnar and Heyman came out again and approached the commentators this time. Heyman told Jerry Lawler that he would unleash the Beast on him if he doesn’t tell them about the whereabouts of Rey Mysterio. Dio Maddin stepped up to protect Lawler but got F5’d through the commentary table. Rey Mysterio finally showed up and attacked Lesnar from behind with a bat. Rey beatdown Lesnar, hit him with the championship belt and left the scene to close the segment.

Backstage, Mysterio challenged Lesnar for the WWE Championship at Survivor Series.

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Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander in a singles matchup. Murphy delivered a Murphy’s Law to secure the win.

Seth Rollins stepped into the ring to address his future. Rollins said he doesn’t know what next for him when the music hit and Triple H appeared. The Game asked Rollins to join him as part of NXT and gave an ultimatum while the Undisputed Era members appeared ringside. The OC appeared to even the odds but got ambushed by Dominik Dijakovic and Damian Priest. Superstars from the Raw locker room rushed in to make the save and chased the NXT team away (for the time being). Rollins walked away without participating in any action.

Backstage, Rollins confronted Triple H and a match was set for later in the night between Adam Cole and Seth Rollins for the NXT Championship.

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Zelina Vega and Andrade defeated Carolina and Sin Cara in a mixed tag-team match. Vega delivered a Basement Rana for the pinfall victory.

Rusev called out Bobby Lashley for a fight but Lashley appeared with crutches and said that he is not medically cleared to fight due to a groin injury as he was doing “things” with Lana. Drew McIntyre stepped in for the match as a replacement.

Rusev vs Drew McIntyre ended up in disqualification after Bobby Lashley attacked Rusev. Rusev recovered from the ambush and beat up Lashley in the ring. Rusev took the crutches and was about to unleash a beating… and…RKO… outtanowhere!!!, the Viper strikes again. Ricochet rushed in to even the odds and cleared the ring to end the segment.

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Charly Caruso’s sit-down with Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was interrupted by the NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler. The champions threatened and warned each other for what’s coming at Survivor Series.

The OC defeated The StreetProfits and Humberto Carrillo: AJ Style delivered a powerbomb to Carrillo and used the ropes to his advantage to secure the pinfall victory.

The Viking Raiders defeated jobbers East Hampton Polo Boys in a squash match.

NXT Championship Match: Seth Rollins vs. Adam Cole: The match ended in a disqualification as the Undisputed Era attacked Rollins and he was about to hit the Stomp on Cole. Raw superstars and more NXT superstars rushed in and brawl broke out between them. The chaos continued as the show went off the air.

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Takeaways from Monday Night Raw

1. A Beastiful Introduction

Image via WWE

Brock Lesnar made his return to Monday Night RAW and immediately set his eyes on Rey Mysterio. WWE has built this feud up quite well in the recent weeks, and the off-screen camaraderie between the two superstars has probably added to the emotional aspect of this feud. Both the individuals genuinely enjoy working with one another, and it is a great sight to see former WWE champion back in the title hunt.

The inclusion of Dominik and Cain Velasquez in this rivalry worked well and has led to an extremely frustrated version of Brock Lesnar, who gave a F5 to former NXT superstar and current commentator Dio Maddin.

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2. Great Continuity

Image via WWE

NXT invasion of the red and blue brands has become a major talking point, and WWE is taking extra efforts to present the third brand as a genuine threat to the main roster. After Daniel Bryan and Triple H teased a second coming of their iconic rivalry last week, it was Rollins’ turn this week. Seth Rollins and Triple H have had quite the history in WWE and their past references were a nice touch to the segment.

Once again, Triple H presented his #1 guy Adam Cole to take on the challenge, but it seems like we could get a Triple H match in some fashion at Survivor Series.

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3. Asuka Tapped Out To Natalya

Image via WWE

Asuka once remained unbeaten in the company for over 500 days, held the NXT Championship and won the first ever Royal Rumble match. After few more stints in the main event she was relegated to the sidelines in favour of the Four Horsewomen. After she won the tag team championships along with Kairi Sane last month, it seemed as if WWE were willing to push her as a major threat again. However, WWE pulled out the stupidest trick in its book to crown new challengers, and had Natalya and Charlotte Flair, a team with zero chemistry or tag team experience, defeat the champions.

Natalya, who has never been a major force in the women’s division, took the victory by submitting Asuka to the Sharpshooter. We have complained about WWE’s nonsensical treatment of heel champions before, and will continue to do so until it dies.

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4. The OC Aren’t Chumps Anymore

Image via WWE

In the past week, AJ Styles pinned Carrillo twice, Gallows and Anderson handed first ever loss to the Viking Raiders, won the World Cup for best tag team and now The OC collectively won a match on RAW. This is a vast change from the usual WWE booking when it comes to the OC, and it is a great sight to see the former Bullet Club members being presented as genuine threats.

Following a victory over local talents, Viking Raiders talked about the OC, and it could signify a possible feud between the two hard hitting duos in the future.

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5. RAW Under Siege

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins and Adam Cole faced each other for the NXT Championship in the main event, and tensions were high as the first ever NXT Champion challenged the current holder. The match unsurprisingly ended in a DQ, and we were treated to a major brawl between the two rosters. Once again, the NXT roster proved their mettle and all these brawls are a definite signal towards a War Games match this year at Survivor Series.