WWE Raw Results, Dec 14: Lana Taken Out of TLC, Randy Orton Sets Bray Wyatt on Fire

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WWE TLC was finally in full view as WWE presented their final episode of Raw ahead of Sunday’s pay-per-view. This week’s show had some major TLC implications as The Fiend looked to take a field trip to The ThunderDome and Lana went one-on-one with one half of The Women’s Tag Team Champions Nia Jax.

The Nightmare before TLC

Images via WWE

The show kicked off with The Miz reading a story called The Nightmare Before TLC. Morrison was dressed up as Drew McIntyre, and AJ Styles then mocked the WWE Champion ahead of their TLC showdown.

The Miz then teased a cash-in and the segment broke down before Sheamus made his way to the ring and attacked AJ Styles ahead of their bout.

AJ Styles def. Sheamus

Ahead of his WWE Championship match at TLC, Styles was forced to take on Sheamus in a warm-up match. The Celtic Warrior put on quite the display while Omos watched on from ringside. At one point it appeared as though Styles’ bodyguard would get involved, but he later stepped down.

The match came to a close when Sheamus attempted White Noise from the middle rope and Styles was then able to knock him off the ropes and reverse into a roll-up.

After the match, Sheamus got tangled up in the ropes and Omos helped Styles to attack the Irish star with a chair.

Backstage: Riddle decided he would be in the corner of The New Day as Bro-E for their six-man tag against The Hurt Business.

The Hurt Business def. Jeff Hardy and The New Day

Ahead of their Tag Team Championship match at TLC, The Hurt Business looked to get the upper hand over The New Day. Riddle played his part at ringside ahead of his bout with MVP later in the night.

After The New Day was taken out of the equation, Bobby Lashley was left in the ring with Jeff Hardy, and after help from Cedric Alexander, he was able to force him to tap to The Hurt Lock.

Lana def. Nia Jax

Ahead of their Women’s Tag Team Championship match at TLC, Lana had the tough task of taking on Nia Jax one-on-one. Shayna Baszler and Asuka were not at ringside, but Lana was still able to pull off the unthinkable when she pinned Nia Jax after she knocked her off the top rope.

Backstage, Baszler took out Asuka before she made her way to the ring and helped beatdown Lana. The duo targetted Lana’s leg and seemingly injured the challenger heading into TLC. It was later announced that Lana has been taken out of TLC after suffering leg and elbow injuries.

Jaxson Ryker Returns: Elias headed to the ring to introduce Jaxson Ryker, who was making his return to WWE TV. 24/7 Champion R-Truth broke up the segment and Ryker was able to destroy all of the challengers as they ran down to the ring in the hopes of challenging Truth.

Handicap Match: The Miz and John Morrison def. Keith Lee

Keith Lee tested his mettle in a two-on-one handicap match against The Miz and Morrison. Lee had a hard time as Morrison and Miz worked together to wear him down. In the end, it was their teamwork that helped them come out on top when both men jumped on top of Lee to secure the pin.

Mace def. Ricochet

The issues between Ricochet and RETRIBUTION continued this week with The One and Only taking on Mace. When it appeared as though Ricochet could be set to pick up the win, Slapjack and T-Bar tried to intervene and allowed Mace to hit the sit-out powerbomb. Mace then debuted a new finisher to pick up the victory.

After the match, Ricochet was informed that this would only end when he joins RETRIBUTION.

Dana Brooke def. Shayna Baszler via DQ, Mandy Rose Returns

After it was revealed that Lana was now out of TLC, Baszler set about sending a message to Dana Brooke. Nia Jax interfered in the match to force the DQ before a returning Mandy Rose evened the numbers, followed by Asuka.

Orton Sets Wyatt on Fire

Earlier in the show, Bray Wyatt and his friends came on a field trip to The ThunderDome ahead of The Fiend’s match against Randy Orton at TLC. Wyatt apologized to Orton regarding last week’s “misunderstanding” when The Fiend invaded their match. Orton then appeared and asked Wyatt to play a game of hide and seek with him.

Backstage, Bray Wyatt found a rocking chair but was then attacked by Randy Orton. Orton put Wyatt into a box and set it on fire, only for The Fiend to emerge and take out The Viper with The Mandible Claw once again.

Riddle def. MVP

It was a quick match that saw Riddle pick up the victory with a Floating Bro.

WWE Championship Ascension Ceremony

AJ Styles and Drew McIntyre headed to the ring for the WWE Championship Ascension ceremony. After an interesting verbal back and forth, McIntyre handed over the title to be lifted above the ring ahead of TLC.

The Miz and Morrison then beat down McIntyre and sent a message since this weekend’s TLC match will allow them to interfere. McIntyre fought back, but Omos caused the distraction and Styles leveled the Champion with a Phenomenal Forearm.

Styles then attacked McIntyre with a ladder and chair and put him through a table to show that he was more than ready for Sunday night.

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