WWE Raw Results, Sept. 28: Randy Orton Attacks The Legends, Robert Roode Returns

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It was a historic night at Clash of Champions but there were many questions that the WWE Universe was hoping would be addressed on Monday Night Raw.

Legends Celebrate With The Champion

This week’s show kicked off with the four legends who helped McIntyre to pick up the win at Clash of Champions, introducing the WWE Champion to the ring. After an interesting speech, Randy Orton interrupted and made it clear that it’s not over between him and McIntyre and that he will get another shot in the future.

McIntyre then stated that he was issuing an open challenge to anyone that he hasn’t faced for WWE Championship in the past.

Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka def. Zelina Vega

Backstage: Zelina Vega stated that she was going to prove that she was ready for Asuka but The Empress isn’t ready for her before she was interrupted by the Raw Women’s Champion.

In-Ring Action: Asuka looked to make quick work of her challenger in a Clash of Champions rematch but this time Vega was much more emotional. The former NXT star came close to picking up the win but in the end, Asuka forced Vega to tap to the Asuka lock.

Keith Lee def. Andrade

Backstage: When Raw returned from the break, Andrade was in the ring telling Zelina Vega that she was nothing without him. Andrade then called her the weak link before she walked out of the arena. Andrade also stated that Angel Garza was the weak link following his injury at Clash of Champions.

In-Ring Action: The two former NXT Champions collided in a rare Raw match but it was over quite quickly as Lee managed to hit a Spirit Bomb out of nowhere.

King’s Court With The Mysterio Family

Backstage: Murphy and Seth Rollins were getting prepared to celebrate before Murphy left his phone behind and Rollins took it.

Jerry Lawler welcomed The Mysterio Family on Kings Court and the family all echoed the fact that this feud had gone on for too long. King brought up last week’s issues between the family, and Aalyah stated that she doesn’t know what to think about Murphy.

Seth Rollins appeared on the titantron and said that he had to tell them the truth, which was that one of them isn’t being 100% truthful with the family. Rollins then revealed that Aalyah and Murphy had been exchanging messages. Aalyah then stormed out of the ring followed by her family.

Backstage: Murphy and Rollins had an argument backstage before Dominik attacked the former Cruiserweight Champion.

Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke def. Lana and Natalya

Lana and Natalya headed to the ring to talk about how they deserve to be handed the Championships because the current holders can’t be medically cleared. Adam Pearce told them that they were not having the Championships but they could work their way up the ranks and introduced Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke as the newest members of Monday Night Raw.

It was a quick sloppy tag match that ended with a roll-up from Mandy Rose to Natalya, which allowed Raw’s newcomers to get a debut victory.

Kevin Owens def. Aleister Black

Backstage: Aleister Black talked about Kevin Owens’ betrayal and after unwrapping his injured eye, he revealed that he wouldn’t forgive.

In-Ring Action: The two men put on a clinic as their personal feud continues to build, but the WWE Universe was denied a proper conclusion when Black accidentally stuck the official, and Drake Younger called for the bell. Owens delivered a Stunner after the match.

24/7 Championship: R-Truth def. Drew Gulak and Akira Tozawa

Backstage: Earlier in the night, R-Truth was handed a note by a ninja that was seemingly from Tozawa who said he was eaten by a shark, but he wasn’t. Tozawa then attacked R-Truth and won the 24/7 Championship. Drew Gulak then pinned Tozawa, who was then pinned by R-Truth to win back the title.

In-Ring: Following the events that unfolded earlier in the night, R-Truth put his title on the line in a triple threat match, but was able to retain the Championship after an AA to Gulak.

Murphy def. Dominik Mysterio, Aalyah Slaps Her Brother

Dominik Mysterio took on Murphy and looked to handle business when he picked up his trusted kendo stick. Aalyah then made her way to the ring and her distraction allowed Murphy to roll Dominik up for the victory. After the match, Dominik attacked Murphy with a kendo stick.

Dominik and Aalyah then had a very public argument which ended with Dominik calling Aalyah naive and her reacting by slapping her brother.

Backstage: Dolph Ziggler told Adam Pearce that he had the perfect guy in mind to face Drew McIntyre later in the night.

Mustafa Ali, Ricochet, and Apollo Crews def. The Hurt Business

After it appeared that RETRIBUTION could show up when this match got underway, it seemed to take the wind out of the Hurt Business, who had no answer to the addition of Mustafa Ali in their opponent’s arsenal.

Interestingly, it was Ali who was able to pick up the victory for his team when he hit the 450 splash on MVP.

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre Spoils Robert Roode’s Return

Drew McIntyre’s challenger was revealed as the returning Robert Roode.

Roode has been away from WWE for around six months but the former NXT Champion didn’t miss a beat as he looked to win the WWE Championship for the first time.

Roode almost picked up the win off the Glorious DDT, but minutes later Roode hit the Claymore to retain his Championship.

The Viper Strikes in the Dark

While McIntyre was in the ring, Randy Orton was able to sneak into the Legends Lounge wearing night-vision goggles and a steel chair to attack all of the legends who conspired to cost him his match at Clash of Champions.

Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels, Christian, and The Big Show were all left lying as Orton escaped the room following the attack into the night.

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