WWE Raw Results, September 14: Retribution Invades Main Event, Braun Strowman to Raw Underground

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In less than two weeks’ time, WWE presents Clash of Champions, which is already shaping up to be one of their most exciting shows of the year.

Following the beat down that Randy Orton was subjected to last week on Raw, would he be part of the show tonight, and would Dolph Ziggler on commentary have any impact on proceedings.

Ambulance Match at Clash of Champions

Drew McIntyre kicked off this week’s episode of Raw and pitched the idea of an Ambulance match at Clash of Champions for the WWE Championship.

He was then interrupted by Adam Pearce, who revealed that The Viper’s injuries may be so severe that he can’t make Clash of Champions. If so, then if Keith Lee is victorious against the Champion later in the show, then he will take Orton’s place on September 27th.

Champions vs Champions: The Street Profits def. Cesaro and Nakamura

This was an inter-promotional match that Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura set up last week with their appearance on Raw.

It was as hard-hitting as expected and ended on a controversial note when it could be argued that the tag wasn’t a legal one ahead of the splash from Angelo Dawkins on Cesaro.

Zelina Vega Walks Out on Andrade and Garza

Backstage: Angel Garza was spotted with Lana as he seemed he was flirting while she talked up Natalya before Zelina Vega broke up the meeting.

Vega tried to keep the two men calm but after things boiled over once again, the former NXT star stated that she couldn’t do it anymore and walked away, leading to a brawl between the two men.

Cedric Alexander def. Ricochet

Cedric Alexander headed to the ring as an official part of The Hurt Business for the first time this week on Raw and cut a promo about how this was the best decision for him, before being interrupted by Apollo Crews and Ricochet.

After Ricochet was able to get his shoulder up off the mat before the three counts last week on Raw, WWE made this match between the two former friends.

The match was interrupted by Erik who brawled with Bobby Lashley into the backroom area ahead of their match which is scheduled later. The finish saw Alexander hit the Lumbar Check for the win.

Retribution Cuts Their Second Promo

RETRIBUTION appeared on the titantron following the match between Cedric Alexander and Ricochet, and hinted that these would be the last few days before oblivion for the WWE Universe. It appeared as though The Hurt Business could have been the target.

Backstage: MVP pitched a role to Adam Pearce where The Hurt Business would be the new security on Raw to ensure that RETRIBUTION doesn’t find a way through.

Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka Retains After a Controversial Decision

Mickie James was looking for her first Championship in a decade when she took on the woman who she was unable to defeat in her first match back in 2016.

The match ended controversially when the referee claimed that Mickie couldn’t continue and rang the bell. The referee then worked with James at ringside so it appears that she has suffered an injury.

Zelina Vega then came out and seemingly challenged for the Raw Women’s Championship when she attacked Asuka with a slap.

Bobby Lashley def. Erik

Last week on Raw, Ivar was injured in the six-man tag match between The Viking Raiders and The Hurt Business, so his partner was looking for some form of revenge against Lashley this week.

This didn’t go to plan since it was a short match where Lashley was dominant.

Steel Cage Match: Seth Rollins def. Dominik Mysterio

Backstage: Before the match, Seth Rollins returned and forgave Murphy since his beat down last week at the hands of The Mysterio Family was his atonement. Rollins later attacked his disciple and made it clear that he should stay backstage during the steel cage match.

Murphy didn’t follow Rollins’ advice and came down to the ring to hand Rollins a kendo stick, which was later used by Dominik. Murphy tried to help Rollins by attacking Mysterio but inadvertently slammed the door closed on The Monday Night Messiah.

Seth Rollins managed to overcome Murphy’s issues to hit the Curb Stomp twice on Dominik and walk out victorious. After the match, Rollins attacked Murphy and threw him against the cage.

Raw Underground

Earlier in the show, Braun Strowman appeared and wanted to be given a chance in Raw Underground, Shane eagerly agreed and let The Monster Among Men inside.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Riddick Moss didn’t end since Braun Strowman attacked both men. Strowman continued to wreak havoc on Raw Underground until Titus O’Neil speared Strowman.

Shane McMahon then stepped in to stop Strowman from creating more carnage. The Monster Among Men tore apart everything in his wake until Dabba-Kato stepped up and the match was made official for next week.

Kevin Owens def. Aleister Black

Aleister Black ambushed Kevin Owens from behind before the bell and continued working on Owens’ leg throughout the match after the kneebar.

Owens hit a superkick out of nowhere to Black, before the lights flickered and it appeared that RETRIBUTION could be interfering, but Owens came off the distraction to hit the Stunner and pick up the victory.

The Riott Squad def. Lana and Natalya

The Women’s Tag Team Champions were at ringside but The Riott Squad sailed past Natalya and Lana after The Riott Kick to Lana.

After the match, Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax attacked Natalya and Lana and delivered a Samoan Drop to Lana through the announce table as Ruby Riott and Liv Morgan looked on from the other end of the ramp.

Retribution Invades the Main Event

Backstage: Earlier in the show, Drew McIntyre and Keith Lee had a back and forth ahead of their match. Lee made it appear as though he could have the Champion on the ropes and stated that McIntyre was worried before the two men brawled.

Backstage: After the match between Owens and Black, Keith Lee and Drew McIntyre were still brawling until Adam Pearce stepped in and threatened both men with losing their Clash of Champions match.

The two men definitely had a score to settle, but Retribution attacked them before they were able to finish the match and crown a definitive winner.

The Hurt Business then made their way out to settle their issues and this started a huge brawl in the ringside area. McIntyre and Lee dived over the top rope and took out everyone as the show went off the air.

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